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Oresund Cup 2000
Date 23.9.2000
Series Swedish Tour
Oresund Cup
City Lund, Skane
Web -
Participants 55
Level 4
Value 5529

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.1.-Hans OstermanNUHL8Sweden820
2.9.-Stefan Edwall2015 UnitedSweden789
3.10.-Lars FridellBjorkhagen RangersSweden754
3.4.-Finn FriesAvantgarde LundSweden754
5.NEW-Bjorn SvedmanBjorkhagen RangersSweden694
6.42.-Andreas AmanEnkopings HSCSweden637
7.382.-Aron LidmanBHK SlapshotSweden572
8.319.-Carl BindekransBJC LaimiteSweden510
9.6.-Petter BengtssonUmea HSSSweden477
10.328.-Jerry WikstromUnited StarsSweden448
11.154.-Bjorn SoderstromSpjass InvadersSweden431
12.46.-Rickard SjostedtRex OresundSweden414
13.279.-Christoffer SoderqvistOverum FGSweden390
14.35.-Peter StensmyrBHK Mollan RougeSweden372
15.NEW-Johnny LundbergAby Monkeys BHKSweden355
16.13.-Henrik BrodinTK TigersSweden339
17.NEW-Roger Westh "Lundin"Aby Monkeys BHKSweden327
18.142.-David AnderssonDAJMSweden312
19.NEW-Henrik PahlssonAby Monkeys BHKSweden298
20.NEW-Arthur LindholmAby Monkeys BHKSweden282
21.NEW-Richard LindbergHjarup HCSweden263
22.60.-Martin BrodinTK TigersSweden252
23.379.-Jakob AnderssonLeif Holmqvist BHFSweden233
24.NEW-Micael StrombergBjorkhagen RangersSweden218
25.109.-Henric AnderssonAtletico GoteborgSweden207
26.NEW-Anders OscarssonLeif Holmqvist BHFSweden190
27.NEW-Henrik BenoniRidiculous Mice BHKSweden181
28.1121.-Joakim LindbladLeif Holmqvist BHFSweden172
29.92.-Daniel HanssonTK TigersSweden155
30.1384.-Michael Gellerstam "Johansson/Eklund"Avantgarde LundSweden145
31.197.-Magnus BoivieBlue Bullets ABSweden128
32.353.-Erik Werner "Erich Winter"Leif Holmqvist BHFSweden110
33.1135.-Samuel VilliusHjulsbro BHKSweden97
34.141.-Hans E. LindqwistBH Chiefs BHSweden80
35.NEW-David BorjessonLeif Holmqvist BHFSweden70
36.106.-John WrelandBlue Bullets ABSweden57
37.NEW-Magnus JakobssonRidiculous Mice BHKSweden49
38.160.-Karl JonssonRex OresundSweden40
39.NEW-Henrik AnderssonLodde OnionsSweden29
40.NEW-Tomas GunnarssonRidiculous Mice BHKSweden23
41.NEW-Martin KalliomakiRidiculous Mice BHKSweden19
42.737.-Mats WallinHjulsbro BHKSweden18
43.NEW-Dick DahlStockholms IKSweden16
44.239.-Adam AlexanderssonBH Chiefs BHSweden15
45.NEW-Marcus SundqvistHjulsbro BHKSweden14
46.NEW-Petter LonnBK SnedskaretSweden12
47.858.-Jerry EklofOverum FGSweden11
48.NEW-Andreas HolmRidiculous Mice BHKSweden10
49.NEW-Kristoffer HopperBK SnedskaretSweden9
50.NEW-Thomas SvenssonLodde OnionsSweden7
51.NEW-Mans LarssonRidiculous Mice BHKSweden6
52.NEW-Alexander WallinKlagerups BHFSweden5
53.NEW-Christian MollerBH Chiefs BHSweden4
54.NEW-Johan PerssonKlagerups BHFSweden2
55.NEW-Mattias RonnelinKlagerups BHFSweden1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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