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German Championships 2003
Date 26.04.2003
Series DTEV Turnier
German Championships
City Wilhelmshaven
Web -
Participants 41
Level 3
Value 3564

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.247.-Joachim Klang "Der Joe"Rama ClubGermany571
2.316.-Lars Freitag "Graf Zahl"Eismaschine HamburgGermany506
3.272.-Johannes Roth "Jo41"Rama ClubGermany482
4.312.-Christian Aden "Cowboy"VfP FrieslandGermany459
5.439.-Andreas Meyer "Altobelli"VfP FrieslandGermany430
6.274.-Frank Schauer "Funkystein"RheinachseGermany397
7.375.-Gerrit Janssen "Bull"Schlicktown Arctic VeteranosGermany370
8.436.-Stefan Leusch1. TEC WilhelmshavenGermany350
9.248.-Rene Albers "Box Albers"VfP FrieslandGermany336
10.234.-Tim Gartner "Jiminator"RheinachseGermany329
11.496.-Frank Bruneske "Classic Brunske"Schlicktown Arctic VeteranosGermany320
12.1069.-Frank Uwe Walpurgis "Walli"1. TEC WilhelmshavenGermany311
13.NEW-Robert Peters "Don Pedro"1. TEC WilhelmshavenGermany291
14.591.- "Horn der Jager"Eismaschine HamburgGermany270
15.740.-Michael Schneider "Lt.Snider"Braunschweig TornadosGermany246
16.424.-Eike Rompa "Fury"Schlicktown Arctic VeteranosGermany219
17.286.-Ralph Paul "Honka"RheinachseGermany196
18.495.-Volker Aden "Big Aden"VfP FrieslandGermany174
19.1001.-Mikhail Reizine "Michel"Hannover SputniksGermany158
20.778.-Gerwin Schneider "Gerry007"Braunschweig TornadosGermany140
21.745.-Sascha Weiss "Sushi"1. TEC WilhelmshavenGermany112
22.3710.- "Pendejo"RheinachseGermany82
23.961.-Thorsten Niemann "Gumsta"VfP FrieslandGermany53
24.2035.-Joachim Dreyer "Jockel"VfP FrieslandGermany43
25.1650.-Christian Trumpp1. TEC WilhelmshavenGermany41
26.554.-Tim Tigges "Animal"Satyrion BerlinGermany38
27.563.-Christian Lommer "Lomo"Schlicktown Arctic VeteranosGermany36
28.1356.-Sven EdlerFeringer FeinmotorikerGermany33
29.NEW-Pit Lammert "Prickel Pit"Eismaschine HamburgGermany31
30.1266.-Hendrik Walpurgis "Goofy"1. TEC WilhelmshavenGermany28
31.1162.-Sandra Walpurgis1. TEC WilhelmshavenGermany26
32.3683.-Miriam Weiss "Myra"1. TEC WilhelmshavenGermany23
33.2312.- "Dome"1. TEC WilhelmshavenGermany21
34.1964.- "Sydney"Eismaschine HamburgGermany18
35.1391.-Melanie Zipke1. TEC WilhelmshavenGermany16
36.2143.- "Borsti"1. TEC WilhelmshavenGermany13
37.NEW-Enrico -Germany11
38.3189.-Thorsten Hansel1. TEC WilhelmshavenGermany8
39.1852.-Daniel K. "DK Daniel"1. TEC WilhelmshavenGermany6
40.NEW-David -Germany3
41.NEW-Charles Rama ClubGermany1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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