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Milovice 1999
Date 27.3.1999
Series Cesky Pohar
City Milovice
Web -
Participants 71
Level 4
Value 3951

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.44.-Vladimir StudnickaTHC Stiga PlzenCzech Republic559
2.47.-David SmidTHC Stiga Svitavy 93Czech Republic536
3.268.-Miroslav WeissSHL Severni CechyCzech Republic524
4.148.-Ales FialaHCS Zabka PrahaCzech Republic498
5.119.-Karel KrejcikTHC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic480
6.364.-Stanislav SrbaSHC ChebCzech Republic464
7.26.-Pavel PlesakGladiators PlzenCzech Republic447
8.110.-Antonin SurynBig BandCzech Republic443
9.894.-Libor GrabecETHL MiloviceCzech Republic439
10.294.-Frantisek KuberaCIBET PrahaCzech Republic433
11.29.-Stanislav KrausAbsolut DesperationCzech Republic429
12.84.-Pavel ChalusTHC Stiga PlzenCzech Republic424
13.NEW-Jiri Hudec ml.SHL Severni CechyCzech Republic413
14.126.-Karel KonecnyTHC Stiga Svitavy 93Czech Republic404
15.578.-Ales HorcickaTHC Stiga ElitesCzech Republic393
16.NEW-Silvestr NovotnyCIBET PrahaCzech Republic384
17.2022.-Jiri KropacekSHC ChebCzech Republic381
18.105.-Vladimir KrausAbsolut DesperationCzech Republic378
19.354.-Antonin SrajerTHC Stiga ElitesCzech Republic374
20.NEW-Petr JarolimSHL Severni CechyCzech Republic371
21.165.-Milos SevrTHC Stiga ElitesCzech Republic367
22.22.-Jan SuchyTHC Stiga ElitesCzech Republic364
23.NEW-Zbynek FronekSHC ChebCzech Republic361
24.727.-Josef KrausETHL MiloviceCzech Republic359
25.362.-Jan KlokanSHC ChebCzech Republic356
26.NEW-Martin Novotny-Czech Republic349
27.94.-Frantisek SuchyGladiators PlzenCzech Republic343
28.NEW-Ladislav NovyAbsolut DesperationCzech Republic335
29.178.-Stanislav SuchyBig BandCzech Republic329
30.770.-Josef GrunclSHC ChebCzech Republic326
31.107.-Josef KurkaTHC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic323
32.158.-Zbynek PilarAbsolut DesperationCzech Republic320
33.NEW-Ladislav SichHCS Zabka PrahaCzech Republic317
34.383.-Slavomir BrizaAbsolut DesperationCzech Republic313
35.1928.-Karel BuresSHL Severni CechyCzech Republic309
36.NEW-Robert PazlarTHC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic307
37.NEW-David SoldnerAbsolut DesperationCzech Republic303
38.1090.-Petr Zahradnik st.SHL Severni CechyCzech Republic300
39.490.-Miroslav CadilHCS Zabka PrahaCzech Republic294
40.1018.-Vaclav SuchyCIBET PrahaCzech Republic288
41.NEW-Jiri Hudec st.SHL Severni CechyCzech Republic282
42.617.-Vladimir PribylTHC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic278
43.350.-Tereza KrausovaETHL MiloviceCzech Republic276
44.241.-Pavel BascanCIBET PrahaCzech Republic272
45.468.-Ludek SolarTHC Stiga PlzenCzech Republic269
46.179.-Josef JelinekHCS Zabka PrahaCzech Republic265
47.NEW-Stepan KoutBHC Brno CrocodilesCzech Republic260
48.NEW-Petr SurynBig BandCzech Republic256
49.NEW-Michal SkorepaTHC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic253
50.327.-Lubos CernySHC ChebCzech Republic249
51.801.-Pavel FlekHCS Zabka PrahaCzech Republic245
52.349.-Jan MedvecSHC ChebCzech Republic239
53.250.-Michal ZunkaTHC Stiga Svitavy 93Czech Republic227
54.159.-Zdenek Matousek st.HCS Zabka PrahaCzech Republic214
55.321.-Jan BascanCIBET PrahaCzech Republic200
56.787.-Daniel HrachovecSHC ChebCzech Republic190
57.396.-Lukas ProchazkaTHC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic186
58.814.-Vaclav KadlecTHC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic181
59.NEW-Vladimir KalasStiga HC BenatkyCzech Republic174
60.124.-Zdenek Matousek ml.HCS Zabka PrahaCzech Republic166
61.817.-Ales KrausETHL MiloviceCzech Republic157
62.NEW-Miroslav MullerETHL MiloviceCzech Republic146
63.622.-Petr HavlikTHC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic133
64.191.-Martin DrapakTHC Stiga PlzenCzech Republic97
65.407.-Jan HluzekHC Stiga KladnoCzech Republic61
66.621.-Magdalena MalaTHC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic29
67.3555.-Adolf KuceraTHC Stiga-Game PribramCzech Republic5
68.NEW-Mirek Fryda-Czech Republic4
69.NEW-Jiri Krejcik ml.KolinCzech Republic3
70.NEW-Jiri Krejcik st.KolinCzech Republic2
71.NEW-Milan KrejcikKolinCzech Republic1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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