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Detroit THL USA

1.6104Alex Walker
2.562Paul Shabi
3.512Paul Brotz
4.234Tom Warren
5.101Kent Richter
6.100Pat Armstrong
7.100Paul Ruiz
8.011Kevin Williams
9.002Mike Sowa
10.001Bob Monaghan
11.001Bryan Williams
12.001John Larin

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (21 tournaments)
18.03.2011Detroit THL 2010/11 #6 Detroit, MIPaul Shabi4
15.03.2011Detroit THL 2010/11 #5 Detroit, MIPaul Shabi3
06.03.2011Detroit THL 2010/11 #4 Detroit, MIAlex Walker2
16.01.2011Detroit THL 2010/11 #3 Detroit, MIPaul Shabi2
24.10.2010Detroit THL 2010/11 #2 Detroit, MIAlex Walker3
10.10.2010Detroit THL 2010/11 #1 Detroit, MIAlex Walker3
13.06.2010Detroit THL Summer 2010 #2 Detroit, MIPaul Shabi6
22.05.2010Detroit THL Summer 2010 #1 Detroit, MIPaul Brotz6
26.03.2010Detroit THL 2009/10 #5 Detroit, MIKent Richter7
10.01.2010Detroit THL 2009/10 #4 Detroit, MIAlex Walker4
06.12.2009Detroit THL 2009/10 #3 Detroit, MIAlex Walker4
01.11.2009Detroit THL 2009/10 #2 Detroit, MIPaul Shabi4
04.10.2009Detroit THL 2009/10 #1 Detroit, MIAlex Walker7
27.12.2008Detroit Motor City Classic 2008 Detroit, MIPaul Ruiz17
28.01.2007Detroit THL 2007 #2 Detroit, MIPaul Brotz8
14.01.2007Detroit THL 2007 #1 Detroit, MIPat Armstrong10
10.12.2006Detroit THL 2006 #5 Detroit, MIPaul Brotz7
28.11.2006Detroit THL 2006 #4 Detroit, MITom Warren8
12.11.2006Detroit THL 2006 #3 Detroit, MIPaul Brotz10
22.10.2006Detroit THL 2006 #2 Detroit, MITom Warren7
08.10.2006Detroit THL 2006 #1 Detroit, MIPaul Brotz10

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