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Czech Championships Veterans CZE

1.611Jan Dryak
2.511Petr Turon
3.444Pavel Plesak
4.311Antonin Srajer
5.212Zbynek Pilar
6.141David Smid
7.111Daniel Matysek
8.111Zdenek Matousek st.
9.101Josef Kurka
10.101Martin Zenisek
11.047Vaclav Pikl
12.020Frantisek Suchy
13.011Milos Sevr
14.010Antonin Suryn
15.010Karol Hudec
16.010Miroslav Cernoch
17.010Slavomir Briza
18.001David Cibulka
19.001Josef Jelinek
20.001Vladimir Kraus

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
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Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (25 tournaments)
19.05.2024Czech Championships 2024 Veterans PlzenDaniel Matysek30
28.05.2023Czech Championships 2023 Veterans LitomyslPavel Plesak25
29.05.2022Czech Championships 2022 Veterans TurnovJan Dryak29
05.09.2021Czech Championships 2021 Veterans PelhrimovMartin Zenisek20
02.06.2019Czech Championships 2019 Veterans PlzenJan Dryak25
03.06.2018Czech Championships 2018 Veterans ChebDavid Smid27
04.06.2017Czech Championships 2017 Veterans PribramPavel Plesak25
05.06.2016Czech Championships 2016 Veterans TrinecJan Dryak18
31.05.2015Czech Championships 2015 Veterans PragueJan Dryak16
01.06.2014Czech Championships 2014 Veterans JihlavaPavel Plesak19
02.06.2013Czech Championships 2013 Veterans SvitavyJan Dryak18
27.05.2012Czech Championships 2012 Veterans Ceske BudejoviceJan Dryak14
29.05.2011Czech Championships 2011 Veterans LitomyslPetr Turon20
23.05.2010Czech Championships 2010 Veterans PlzenPavel Plesak10
07.06.2009Czech Championships 2009 Veterans PraguePetr Turon14
01.06.2008Czech Championships 2008 Veterans PribramPetr Turon16
27.05.2007Czech Championships 2007 Veterans TrinecZbynek Pilar12
11.06.2006Czech Championships 2006 Veterans PlzenPetr Turon17
07.05.2005Czech Championships 2005 Veterans PragueJosef Kurka19
13.06.2004Czech Championships 2004 Veterans LitomyslPetr Turon14
11.05.2003Czech Championships 2003 Veterans PlzenZdenek Matousek st.13
09.06.2002Czech Championships 2002 Veterans PribramZbynek Pilar17
06.05.2001Czech Championships 2001 Veterans TurnovAntonin Srajer20
18.06.2000Czech Championships 2000 Veterans ChebAntonin Srajer17
28.11.1999Czech Championships 1999 Veterans HoliceAntonin Srajer12

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