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Cinema RIO Trophy LAT

1.300Edgars Garsneks
2.300Matiss Mittenbergs
3.215Maris Karklins
4.210Aleksandrs Zernovojs
5.101Maris Zarins
6.101Viesturs Lapins
7.100Nauris Horsts
8.030Dainis Zarins
9.011Sergejs Semesko
10.010Edgars Skuja
11.010Elmars Sefanovskis
12.010Guntis Ernsteins
13.010Janis Piuss
14.010Maksims Smirnovs
15.010Roberto Pukitis
16.010Roberts Emerbergs
17.001Andris Ziemelis
18.001Edgars Rutkis
19.001Einars Luksevics
20.001Ingmars Sulcs
21.001Raivo Anuzis

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (13 tournaments)
08.03.2009Cinema RIO Trophy 2008/09 #3 VentspilsMaris Karklins23
15.02.2009Cinema RIO Trophy 2008/09 #2 VentspilsMaris Karklins15
23.11.2008Cinema RIO Trophy 2008/09 #1 VentspilsViesturs Lapins19
06.04.2008Cinema RIO Trophy 2007/08 #3 VentspilsAleksandrs Zernovojs15
06.01.2008Cinema RIO Trophy 2007/08 #2 VentspilsAleksandrs Zernovojs19
04.11.2007Cinema RIO Trophy 2007/08 #1 VentspilsMaris Zarins10
29.04.2007Cinema RIO Trophy 2006/07 #7 VentspilsEdgars Garsneks7
11.03.2007Cinema RIO Trophy 2006/07 #6 VentspilsEdgars Garsneks10
11.02.2007Cinema RIO Trophy 2006/07 #5 VentspilsMatiss Mittenbergs14
14.01.2007Cinema RIO Trophy 2006/07 #4 VentspilsNauris Horsts16
10.12.2006Cinema RIO Trophy 2006/07 #3 VentspilsEdgars Garsneks17
19.11.2006Cinema RIO Trophy 2006/07 #2 VentspilsMatiss Mittenbergs17
15.10.2006Cinema RIO Trophy 2006/07 #1 VentspilsMatiss Mittenbergs23

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