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Latvian Championships Women LAT

1.410Baiba Dace Ozolina
2.244Ilze Zuce-Tenca
3.231Laima Kamzola
4.220Andra Ozola
5.211Elena Racenaja
6.200Lienite Skaraine
7.121Darta Avotina
8.110Krista Annija Lagzdina
9.013Gundega Pake
10.010Inese Rasa
11.003Elina Gala
12.001Inese Falkensteina
13.001Inga Rudusa
14.001Maria Saveljeva

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (16 tournaments)
13.4.2019Latvian Championships 2019 Women IncukalnsKrista Annija Lagzdina6
14.4.2018Latvian Championships 2018 Women IncukalnsElena Racenaja9
8.4.2017Latvian Championships 2017 Women IncukalnsElena Racenaja10
9.4.2016Latvian Championships 2016 Women IncukalnsIlze Zuce-Tenca12
11.4.2015Latvian Championships 2015 Women IncukalnsLaima Kamzola7
5.4.2014Latvian Championships 2014 Women IncukalnsLaima Kamzola11
2.3.2013Baltic Championships 2013 Women (Latvian Championships 2013 Women) IncukalnsBaiba Dace Ozolina12
3.3.2012Latvian Championships 2012 Women IncukalnsBaiba Dace Ozolina16
19.2.2011Latvian Championships 2011 Women VentspilsIlze Zuce-Tenca7
27.2.2010Latvian Championships 2010 Women IncukalnsBaiba Dace Ozolina10
17.1.2009Latvian Championships 2009 Women RigaBaiba Dace Ozolina6
26.1.2008Latvian Championships 2008 Women RigaDarta Avotina4
12.5.2007Latvian Championships 2007 Women IncukalnsAndra Ozola8
20.5.2006Latvian Championships 2006 Women IncukalnsLienite Skaraine7
25.4.2004Latvian Championships 2004 Women RigaLienite Skaraine3
12.4.2003Latvian Championships 2003 Women RigaAndra Ozola3

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