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German Championships Teams GER

1.754Schlicktown Arctic Veteranos
2.500Eismaschine Hamburg
3.320TEHC Black Forest Werewolves
4.236VfP Friesland
5.232Kaeltestarre 83
6.230Rama Club
7.2011. TEC Wilhelmshaven
8.123Satyrion Berlin
9.111Frankfurt Gothers
11.100Feringer Feinmotoriker
12.100Konigswinterer TEC
13.012Red Stars Saarbrucken
15.001Rot-Schwarz Berlin

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
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Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (28 tournaments)
30.09.2023German Championships 2023 Teams LahrFeringer Feinmotoriker6
19.11.2022German Championships 2022 Teams HagenTEHC Black Forest Werewolves10
21.08.2021German Championships 2021 Teams WilhelmshavenTEHC Black Forest Werewolves7
17.08.2019German Championships 2019 Teams WilhelmshavenTEHC Black Forest Werewolves8
10.11.2018German Championships 2018 Teams HagenKaeltestarre 8311
21.10.2017German Championships 2017 Teams HagenFrankfurt Gothers8
05.11.2016German Championships 2016 Teams HagenKaeltestarre 838
12.09.2015German Championships 2015 Teams WilhelmshavenSchlicktown Arctic Veteranos6
18.10.2014German Championships 2014 Teams RodgauSchlicktown Arctic Veteranos8
02.02.2013German Championships 2013 Teams MannheimSchlicktown Arctic Veteranos8
17.03.2012German Championships 2012 Teams RodgauSchlicktown Arctic Veteranos7
19.02.2011German Championships 2011 Teams DortmundSchlicktown Arctic Veteranos6
06.03.2010German Championships 2010 Teams SchortensSchlicktown Arctic Veteranos9
28.02.2009German Championships 2009 Teams DuesseldorfRama Club12
13.07.2008German Championships 2008 Teams WilhelmshavenSatyrion Berlin5
23.06.2007German Championships 2007 Teams WilhelmshavenSchlicktown Arctic Veteranos8
26.08.2006German Championships 2006 Teams DuesseldorfVfP Friesland9
01.10.2005German Championships 2005 Teams FrankfurtVfP Friesland3
29.05.2004German Championships 2004 Teams BerlinRama Club13
26.04.2003German Championships 2003 Teams WilhelmshavenRheinachse3
21.09.2002German Championships 2002 Teams KolnEismaschine Hamburg1
22.04.2001German Championships 2001 Teams Wilhelmshaven1. TEC Wilhelmshaven1
09.09.2000German Championships 2000 Teams HamburgEismaschine Hamburg1
17.08.1997German Championships 1997 Teams Wilhelmshaven1. TEC Wilhelmshaven2
25.08.1996German Championships 1996 Teams WilhelmshavenEismaschine Hamburg4
11.06.1995German Championships 1995 Teams BremenEismaschine Hamburg10
16.04.1994German Championships 1994 Teams ElzeEismaschine Hamburg1
06.06.1993German Championships 1993 Teams KonigswinterKonigswinterer TEC1

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