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Table hockey ranking - clubs
(only clubs from USA)
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RankClubNationRank pointsConsidered players
79. (1.)Southern California STHLUSA5 638
Roman Nezhyba155.
Kevin Rafferty235.
Jim Tarpo1013.
Jeffrey Wilens1022.

86. (2.)Lemont THLUSA5 200
Eric Krol382.
Ryan Woodall422.
Buster Barton687.
Darrin Hummel773.

129. (3.)CAGA Detroit THLUSA2 846
Ryan Marshall665.
Bill Hunter860.
Mike Sowa979.
Kevin Harla1038.

131. (4.)Ohio Valley THLUSA2 786
Dean Moore627.
Mike Hubbard659.
Dave Wright1062.
Eric DiBacco1906.

146. (5.)Grand Rapids Stiga ClubUSA2 446
Paul Shabi334.
Jacob Carlson1008.
John Greenslate3790.
Brandon Stolz3869.

166. (6.)Northwest Chicago THLUSA1 805
Paul Gasiecki703.
Matt Woodall981.
Mark Klimek1712.
Mike Klimek2182.

201. (7.)Madison ResistanceUSA1 206
Darwin Sampson1087.
Dustin Boyle1271.
Mike Hibbard1320.
Eric Mansfield1729.

215. (8.)Detroit THLUSA941
Alex Walker756.
Henry Walker2797.
Victor Shabi8923.

245. (9.)Eastern Iowa THLUSA587
Steve Junge1563.
Scott McChesney1639.
Kevin Bullard1694.
Jason Starke2617.

262. (10.)Las Vegas THCUSA451
John Labianca1093.

315. (11.)Binghamton Area THLUSA188
Len Mecca1595.

317. (12.)Southern California THLUSA185
Larry Thompson1607.

318. (13.)Massachusetts THLUSA185
Steve Bernstein1608.

328. (14.)Maui Table Hockey ClubUSA149
Nick Fischer2912.
Dan Hunter3014.
Jean Sebastien Laprise3145.
Jim Hendricks3293.

392. (15.)The Rowdy RoddersUSA34
Luke Sponsler4053.
Greg Dorn4635.
Brian Pottenger9123.

394. (16.)Marshall THLUSA33
Josh Hankins3925.
Calico Rhys Cornett4974.
Danny Kiesow9123.

411. (17.)Connecticut ECTHLUSA21
Victor Handel3962.

439. (18.)Seattle STHLUSA7
Paul Wright III6005.
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