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Marganets Open 2007
Date 29.9.2007
Series Marganets Open
City Marganets
Web -
Participants 16
Level 4
Value 1266

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.233.-Yevhen LevdanskyTHC Lisovi HaschiUkraine328
2.484.-Mykhaylo SpivakovskyyTHC Lisovi HaschiUkraine255
3.392.-Viktor LevdanskyTHC Lisovi HaschiUkraine207
4.350.-Oleksandr DanylenkoSvarogUkraine161
5.702.-Wolodimir KudelyaSC Great SeechUkraine125
6.1111.+46Roman MartyshevskyMarganets RocksUkraine91
7.657.-Mykhaylo SerebryakovMarganets RocksUkraine60
8.994.-Yan SmirskiyMarganetsUkraine39
9.1558.+67Sergiy IgnatchenkoMarganetsUkraine33
10.1354.-Taras KudelyaSC Great SeechUkraine29
11.1620.-Volodymyr YakovlievSontse PusteliUkraine24
12.NEW-Igor RahanskySC Great SeechUkraine19
13.NEW-Artem PadalkoSC Great SeechUkraine15
14.NEW-Yegor SlusarenkoSC Great SeechUkraine10
15.NEW-Maksym KozelskySC Great SeechUkraine6
16.2717.-Maksym RomanovMarganetsUkraine1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
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