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Marganets Open UKR

1.301Roman Ignatenko
2.200Roman Martyshevsky
3.110Mykhaylo Spivakovskyy
4.110Rodion Saulenko
5.100Dmytro Kudrytsky
6.100Oleksandr Danylenko
7.100Yevhen Levdansky
8.041Mykhaylo Shalomayev
9.021Eugene Bahanov
10.011Mykhaylo Serebryakov
11.011Sergiy Ignatchenko
12.002Viktor Levdansky
13.001Dmytro Derkach
14.001Igor Volkov
15.001Wolodimir Kudelya

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (10 tournaments)
22.11.2014Marganets Open 2014 MarganetsRoman Ignatenko17
23.11.2013Marganets Open 2013 MarganetsRoman Ignatenko19
24.11.2012Marganets Open 2012 MarganetsRoman Ignatenko16
10.12.2011Marganets Open 2011webMarganetsDmytro Kudrytsky25
13.11.2010Marganets Open 2010 MarganetsMykhaylo Spivakovskyy19
21.11.2009Marganets Open 2009 MarganetsRodion Saulenko18
22.11.2008Marganets Open 2008 MarganetsOleksandr Danylenko24
29.09.2007Marganets Open 2007 MarganetsYevhen Levdansky16
09.09.2006Marganets Open 2006 MarganetsRoman Martyshevsky13
04.12.2005Marganets Open 2005 MarganetsRoman Martyshevsky12

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