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Allskanskan 1996/97 #4
Date 19.01.1997
Series Skaneligan
City Malmo, Skane
Web -
Participants 32
Level 5
Value 1745

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.1.-Hans OstermanNUHL8Sweden427
2.4.-Finn FriesAvantgarde LundSweden331
3.NEW-Richard LindbergHjarup HCSweden254
4.6.-Petter BengtssonBjorkhagen RangersSweden208
5.1080.-Hampus FriesLunds HSKSweden179
6.1790.-Sten SvenssonAvantgarde LundSweden145
7.1409.-Michael Gellerstam "Johansson/Eklund"Avantgarde LundSweden110
8.NEW-Johan LarssonIFK KlagshamnSweden90
9.NEW-Fredrik JordellKarlstad BHKSweden68
10.2071.-Magnus LindelofBHK Mollan RougeSweden47
11.NEW-Jimmi SchultzIFK KlagshamnSweden31
12.NEW-Rasmus HakanssonDe Sista HockeykanernaSweden26
13.NEW-Mats LarsnasBK FakirenSweden25
14.NEW-Mattias NordstedtBK PrinkiSweden24
15.2082.-Anders OlsenAvantgarde LundSweden22
16.NEW-Sebastian VittenhagDe Sista HockeykanernaPoland21
17.NEW-Mattias AxelssonBK FakirenSweden20
18.NEW-Jimmy RoswallDe Sista HockeykanernaSweden19
19.NEW-Anders SvenssonDe Sista HockeykanernaSweden17
20.NEW-Karina NilssonIFK KlagshamnSweden16
21.NEW-Johan PelinderDe Sista HockeykanernaSweden15
22.NEW-Niklas NilssonDe Sista HockeykanernaSweden14
23.3637.-Mikael LindelofBHK Mollan RougeSweden12
24.NEW-Jimi ManssonAvantgarde LundSweden11
25.NEW-Christian HallIFK KlagshamnSweden10
26.NEW-Benny NilssonIFK KlagshamnSweden9
27.NEW-Therese JohannessonDe Sista HockeykanernaSweden7
28.NEW-Tobias LevinssonBK FakirenSweden6
29.NEW-Peter HakanssonDe Sista HockeykanernaSweden5
30.NEW-Jenny EngqvistDe Sista HockeykanernaSweden4
31.NEW-Jeanette AbelDe Sista HockeykanernaSweden2
32.NEW-Sara TillyanderDe Sista HockeykanernaSweden1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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