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* Slovenian Championship 2019
Date 01.06.2019
Series Slovenian Championships
City Kranj
Web -
Participants 33
Level 3
Value 2270

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.132.-Bernard RjavecNHK KranjSlovenia518
2.327.+5Rok SkrlepNHK KranjSlovenia451
3.223.-Nejc SkrlepNHK KranjSlovenia394
4.395.-Bernard SkrlepNHK MengesSlovenia323
5.706.+15Miha SkrlepNHK MengesSlovenia237
6.1258.+103Aljaz BozicNHK KranjSlovenia164
7.803.-Jakob Zalokar ObadicNHK KranjSlovenia105
8.1835.+183Marcel Janez NovakNHK KranjSlovenia78
9.1577.+42Lenart Zalokar ObadicNHK KranjSlovenia75
10.1628.+61Jakob OsenkNHK KranjSlovenia72
11.1950.+184Nace FlajnikNHK KranjSlovenia69
12.1754.+79Nejc SlapnikNHK KranjSlovenia66
13.1662.+122Gal BohincNHK KranjSlovenia63
14.2324.+323Bine GajsekNHK KranjSlovenia60
15.1924.+153Leon KucNHK KranjSlovenia57
16.1958.+108Urban TratnikNHK KranjSlovenia54
17.1909.+218Mojca SkrlepNHK MengesSlovenia50
18.2857.+481Dan MirtNHK KranjSlovenia47
19.2177.+221Daris TalicNHK KranjSlovenia44
20.2466.+299Zala SkrlepNHK MengesSlovenia41
21.2110.+55Urban MezekNHK KranjSlovenia38
22.1895.+144Jakob KozeljNHK KranjSlovenia35
23.2386.+343Mila LucernaNHK MengesSlovenia32
24.2617.+146Rok BenedicicNHK KranjSlovenia29
25.7752.+4455Tine Oman SusnikNHK KranjSlovenia26
26.4323.+1098Vid BenedicicNHK KranjSlovenia23
27.3369.+309Jerca Zalokar ObadicNHK KranjSlovenia20
28.3779.+749Nejc MalensekNHK KranjSlovenia16
29.NEW-Luka Zorn-Slovenia13
30.2728.+12Luka OsenkNHK KranjSlovenia10
31.11145.+5990Sara Zorn-Slovenia7
32.4897.+35Anej OsenkNHK KranjSlovenia4
33.11145.+3429Julijan Jerak-Slovenia1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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