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Jarliga 2017/18 #25
Date 6.2.2018
Series Jarligaen
City Kvernaland
Web -
Participants 5
Level 5
Value 853

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.143.-Oystein KlippenBrent Plast BHKNorway366
2.84.-Magnus KlippenBrent Plast BHKNorway258
3.632.-Sondre Efteland JohansenBrent Plast BHKNorway162
4.128.-Amund Risa FyllingJaren BordhockeyNorway67
5.2017.-Bjarte TjessemBrent Plast BHKNorway1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran