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US Stiga Shootout 2016
Date 23.1.2016
Series North American Tour
City Laguna Hills, CA
Web -
Participants 29
Level 3
Value 2105

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.499.+104Roman NezhybaSouthern California STHLCzech Republic546
2.68.-Bjarne AxelsenKatranDenmark481
3.250.-Anette EngelBHK SaksenDenmark391
4.541.-Steve BernsteinMassachusetts THLUSA280
5.447.-Kevin RaffertySouthern California STHLUSA171
6.1457.+102Brian RaffertySouthern California STHLUSA82
7.3338.+843Kelly RaffertySouthern California STHLUSA79
8.NEW-Larry ThompsonSouthern California THLUSA75
9.3576.+617Daryl OliverSouthern California STHLUSA72
10.NEW-Calvin VicianSouthern California STHLUSA68
11.1543.-Kael MaiSouthern California STHLUSA65
12.NEW-Kamran MaghziSouthern California STHLUSA61
13.NEW-Ryan LeSouthern California STHLUSA58
14.2193.+94Nicholas DorganSouthern California STHLUSA54
15.4338.+934Taede MaiSouthern California STHLUSA50
16.NEW-Keyvan MaghziSouthern California STHLUSA47
17.2400.+11Dylan OliverSouthern California STHLUSA43
18.6114.+1965Andrew SpalloneSouthern California STHLUSA40
19.NEW-Cruz FinemanSouthern California STHLUSA36
20.NEW-Aiden SpalloneSouthern California STHLUSA33
21.NEW-Landon SteinSouthern California STHLUSA29
22.NEW-Amelia LesserSouthern California STHLUSA26
23.NEW-Aaidan EchaniqueSouthern California STHLUSA22
24.NEW-Ethan WeiSouthern California STHLUSA19
25.9138.+2859Rachel DorganSouthern California STHLUSA15
26.6881.+1143Malia MaiSouthern California STHLUSA12
27.NEW-Salem YounesSouthern California STHLUSA8
28.NEW-Christopher YounesSouthern California STHLUSA5
29.9996.+1198Caden OliverSouthern California STHLUSA1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran