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Kyiv Championships 2014/15 #4
Date 17.1.2015
Series Kyiv Championships
City Kyiv
Web -
Participants 22
Level 5
Value 2518

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.42.-Mykhaylo SpivakovskyyTHC Lisovi HaschiUkraine395
2.273.-Anton UmanskyyTHC Lisovi HaschiUkraine344
3.370.-Oleksii GusakSvarogUkraine330
4.261.-Yevhen RykunTHC Lisovi HaschiUkraine315
5.223.-Viktoriya NoselivskaTHC Lisovi HaschiUkraine305
6.562.+2Sergiy KrasiukImpuls KyivUkraine297
7.300.-Maksym PeskovImpuls KyivUkraine280
8.513.-Viktoriia ZaporojetsKatranUkraine252
9.330.-Igor ZaporojetsKatranUkraine225
10.267.-Dmytro DonetsImpuls KyivUkraine192
11.816.-Grigorii AntonenkoKyivUkraine165
12.588.-Anastasiya GarkovskaImpuls KyivUkraine142
13.650.-Bogdan BilovusyakImpuls KyivUkraine117
14.1599.+198Viktor BobkovKyivUkraine92
15.1084.-Denys OparaImpuls KyivUkraine71
16.484.-Viktor LevdanskyTHC Lisovi HaschiUkraine48
17.1151.-Egor SapogkoKyivUkraine28
18.2247.+90Vitaliy DonetsImpuls KyivUkraine13
19.5986.+994Maksym KuzmichKyivUkraine7
20.5580.+607Eugene PrilipkoKyivUkraine5
21.NEW-Sergiy VorobiovKyivUkraine3
22.NEW-Oleg ZarovniyKyivUkraine1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran