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Stiga North American Championships 2015
Date 28.03.2015
Series North American Tour
World Tour
North American Championships
City Livonia, MI
Web -
Participants 40
Level 1
Value 4380

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.129.-Karl JonssonRex OresundSweden610
2.530.+96Roman NezhybaSouthern California STHLCzech Republic585
3.590.+142Bruce TurnerKitchener WTHLCanada569
4.391.+64Eric DavisLemont THLUSA554
5.464.+39Kevin RaffertySouthern California STHLUSA539
6.436.+47Bernie KunzlerKitchener WTHLCanada523
7.790.+133Ron MarsikLemont THLUSA508
8.674.+100Steve BernsteinMassachusetts THLUSA492
9.225.-Reggie StefaniszynEdmonton THLCanada477
10.471.+18Mike HubbardOhio Valley THLUSA462
11.730.+82Dean MooreOhio Valley THLUSA446
12.562.+28Eric KrolLemont THLUSA431
13.768.+109Dave KraehlingToronto STHLCanada416
14.681.+62Eugene KurzToronto STHLCanada400
15.648.+50Darwin SampsonMadison ResistanceUSA385
16.707.+76Tom WarrenWindsor Detroit THLUSA370
17.574.+22David DonarMarkham THLCanada354
18.506.+6Stephen KlumpNCR SelectCanada339
19.1098.+197Lou DidonatoWindsor Detroit THLCanada324
20.629.+15John MedemaLemont THLUSA308
21.915.+71Mike HibbardMadison ResistanceUSA293
22.967.+117Buster BartonLemont THLUSA277
23.1058.+101Kevin WilliamsCAGA Detroit THLUSA262
24.1164.+172Eric DiBaccoOhio Valley THLUSA247
25.849.+39Dustin BoyleMadison ResistanceUSA231
26.1045.+71Kevin HarlaCAGA Detroit THLUSA216
27.1353.+189Dave WrightOhio Valley THLUSA201
28.1642.+346David KindschiGatineau LAHTOCanada185
29.1653.+330Lou Marinoff-USA170
30.2163.+576John Fayolle-USA155
31.989.+13Bill HunterCAGA Detroit THLUSA139
32.2299.+551Don KlimekNorthwest Chicago THLUSA124
33.NEW-Dave Deyong-Canada109
34.1495.+67Steve JungeEastern Iowa THLUSA93
35.2022.+239Scott McChesneyEastern Iowa THLUSA78
36.3389.+1067Darrin HummelLemont THLUSA62
37.NEW-Peter Elgie-Canada47
38.1803.+18Jason StarkeEastern Iowa THLUSA32
39.NEW-Ken BrittonCAGA Detroit THLUSA16
40.NEW-Dave Sokol-Canada1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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