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Kyiv Championships 2011/12 #3
Date 21.4.2012
Series Kyiv Championships
City Kyiv
Web web page
Participants 27
Level 5
Value 2038

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.46.-Mykhaylo SpivakovskyyYoungstersUkraine379
2.227.-Dmytro Donets-Israel331
3.184.-Dmytro KudrytskyTHC JuventaUkraine291
4.418.-Orest TkachShturmUkraine257
5.269.-Serhiy TsybaTHC Shaleni BdzholyUkraine228
6.237.-Yevhen RykunTHC Lisovi HaschiUkraine198
7.522.-Sofiya KylymnykTHC JuventaUkraine186
8.462.-Serhiy TalimonchykShturmUkraine169
9.632.+32Ihor ZaporozhetsKatranUkraine145
10.837.+90Anastasiya Garkovska-Ukraine119
11.605.+19Anton UmanskyyYoungstersUkraine90
12.497.-Nazar KondrashevskyiKatranUkraine67
13.1072.+81Grigorii AntonenkoKyivUkraine51
14.1437.+233Anastasiya MartynenkoKyivUkraine40
15.1198.+78Viktoriia ZaporojetsKatranUkraine33
16.1096.+36Valentyn TsimokhKyivUkraine25
17.1659.+248Mykyta GurenkoTHC LyodomolyUkraine22
18.1107.+6Maksym PeskovImpuls KyivUkraine18
19.1281.-Maria MartynenkoKyivUkraine16
20.1807.+183Nikita UtkinTHC LyodomolyUkraine15
21.1278.+11Timophiy SavitskiyKyivUkraine13
22.2198.+271Artem SolyaTHC LyodomolyUkraine11
23.1699.-Denys OparaImpuls KyivUkraine8
24.3011.+322Sergiy KrasiukImpuls KyivUkraine6
25.1602.-Bogdan BilovusyakImpuls KyivUkraine4
26.3119.+227Anton IzmaylovTHC JuventaUkraine2
27.NEW-Ievgen IefremovKyivUkraine1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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