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US Open 2009
Date 01.08.2009
Series North American Tour
World Tour
City Lemont, IL
Web web page
Participants 38
Level 3
Value 3831

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.46.-Bjarne AxelsenGladiators PlzenDenmark568
2.314.-Bernie KunzlerKitchener WTHLCanada513
3.771.+106Dany LeclercMontreal LHSMCanada496
4.642.+28Peter OrumFremad EaglesDenmark481
5.1134.+233John LabiancaLas Vegas THCUSA465
6.595.-Matt RogersGroveland THLUSA450
7.1164.+212John MedemaLemont THLUSA437
8.1036.+125Eric KrolLemont THLUSA421
9.NEW-Ron MarsikLemont THLUSA406
10.932.+49Kevin RaffertySouthern California STHLUSA394
11.886.+24Matt DiDomizioConnecticut ECTHLUSA381
12.2570.+1182Mike SowaCAGA Detroit THLUSA372
13.1434.+143Jeff FarwellLemont THLUSA364
14.1503.+207Alex WalkerDetroit THLUSA354
15.1145.+17Paul BrotzWindsor Detroit THLUSA338
16.868.+4Tom WarrenWindsor Detroit THLUSA317
17.873.-Jeff ThillLemont THLUSA298
18.1081.-Jim RzoncaLemont THLUSA276
19.1354.-Joe SalazarLemont THLUSA256
20.NEW-Eric DiBaccoOhio Valley THLUSA238
21.1692.-Dean KallasMadison ResistanceUSA216
22.1442.-Bob MonaghanCAGA Detroit THLUSA202
23.1787.-Dave KraehlingToronto STHLCanada191
24.1536.+16Dana RogersGroveland THLUSA177
25.1024.-Ron ChesickMontreal LHTSOCanada159
26.NEW-Derek RykielLemont THLUSA129
27.1978.-Alex RaikhmanLemont THLUSA95
28.2010.-Mark WuellnerMadison ResistanceUSA68
29.1679.-Josh BrotzDetroit THLUSA48
30.NEW-Lukasz SulkaLemont THLUSA38
31.4081.+1151Roger CarlsonLemont THLUSA32
32.2086.-Jason HubertyMadison ResistanceUSA27
33.2746.+78Mike HibbardMadison ResistanceUSA22
34.1252.-Pierre ChastenaisMontreal LHTSOCanada17
35.4118.+603Claire RzoncaLemont THLUSA13
36.2089.-Ventura SiasLemont THLUSA7
37.2828.+108Darwin SampsonMadison ResistanceUSA4
38.NEW-Carmela WieseMadison ResistanceUSA1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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