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Oulu-liiga 2004/05 #10
Date 28.4.2005
Series Oulu-liiga
City Oulu
Web -
Participants 26
Level 5
Value 2395

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.99.-Iikka Ala-ahoTeam Black HorseFinland396
2.67.-Arto KasmaTeam Black HorseFinland359
3.233.-Mikko KaskiSPYFinland329
4.185.-Ari AntinkaapoKiekko-LampaatFinland301
5.236.-Pertti Ala-ahoTeam Black HorseFinland270
6.71.-Kalle MoilanenKiekko-LampaatFinland257
7.257.-Sami SupperiSPYFinland247
8.334.-Matti OkkonenS.I.M.A. BHTFinland237
9.293.-Markus NiiranenSPYFinland230
10.598.-Jukka Ala-ahoTeam Black HorseFinland218
11.301.-Antti Ala-ahoTeam Black HorseFinland205
12.530.-Tapio LamsaKiekko-LampaatFinland190
13.64.-Jari SahlgrenKiekko-LampaatFinland173
14.686.-Kristian RosbergSPYFinland147
15.363.-Tomi RahkolinSPYFinland120
16.341.-Maria LeivoKiekko-LampaatFinland80
17.264.-Minna KoivulaKiekko-LampaatFinland47
18.269.-Toni KoivulaKiekko-LampaatFinland26
19.986.-Miikka ItkonenTeam Black HorseFinland12
20.911.-Antti HarmaOuluFinland10
21.1024.-Ismo LundbomSPYFinland9
22.1471.-Elias VirtanenSPYFinland7
23.1479.-Joonas SaarelaSPYFinland6
24.1349.-Sami RantalankilaSPYFinland4
25.1145.-Pekka TolonenS.I.M.A. BHTFinland3
26.1107.-Pauli TikkanenOuluFinland1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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