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Hamlet Cup DEN

1.421Lasse Soby
2.223Henrik Moller
3.210Carsten Hermansen
4.210Joel Andersen
5.200Petter Bengtsson
6.101Jannik Vester
7.101Lars Thelin
8.022Thomas Nordskov
9.012Henrik Solberg
10.010Bjarne Axelsen
11.010Lars Hjelm
12.010Martin Arenlind
13.010Morten Affelhoy
14.010Thomas Kjeldsen
15.002Mikael Andersen
16.001Peter Andersson
17.001Peter Orum

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (14 tournaments)
29.7.2006Hamlet Cup 2006 HelsingorPetter Bengtsson26
30.7.2005Hamlet Cup 2005 HelsingorPetter Bengtsson30
30.7.2004Helsingor OL 2004 HelsingorCarsten Hermansen18
30.7.2003Helsingor OL 2003 HelsingorLasse Soby19
30.7.2002Helsingor OL 2002 HelsingorLasse Soby20
30.7.2001Helsingor OL 2001 HelsingorCarsten Hermansen18
30.7.2000Helsingor OL 2000 HelsingorJannik Vester20
30.7.1999Helsingor OL 1999 HelsingorHenrik Moller23
15.12.1997Helsingor OL Summer 1997 HelsingorLasse Soby20
30.7.1997Helsingor OL Winter 1997 HelsingorJoel Andersen20
15.12.1996Helsingor OL Summer 1996 HelsingorJoel Andersen14
30.7.1996Helsingor OL Winter 1996 HelsingorLasse Soby27
15.12.1995Helsingor OL Summer 1995 HelsingorLars Thelin19
30.7.1995Helsingor OL Winter 1995 HelsingorHenrik Moller14

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