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1.424Miloslav Kubica
2.362Lubos Cerny
3.213Jiri Vacha
4.120Vaclav Macek
5.111Daniel Hrachovec
6.100Stanislav Srba
7.100Vaclav Pikl
8.010Michael Cerny
9.001Jan Kubica
10.001Lukas Toman
11.001Roman Hejda

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (13 tournaments)
07.12.2013SHT 2013 #4 ChebVaclav Macek9
21.09.2013SHT 2013 #3 ChebMiloslav Kubica12
26.05.2013SHT 2013 #2 ChebLubos Cerny7
02.02.2013SHT 2013 #1 ChebLubos Cerny7
12.05.2006SHT 2006 #2 ChebStanislav Srba8
21.01.2006SHT 2006 #1 ChebDaniel Hrachovec5
17.12.2005SHT 2005 #4 ChebVaclav Pikl5
01.10.2005SHT 2005 #3 ChebJiri Vacha9
16.04.2005SHT 2005 #2 ChebJiri Vacha8
15.01.2005SHT 2005 #1 ChebMiloslav Kubica7
02.10.2004SHT 2004 #3 ChebMiloslav Kubica10
01.05.2004SHT 2004 #2 ChebLubos Cerny7
01.02.2004SHT 2004 #1 ChebMiloslav Kubica9

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