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Christmas Dnipro UKR

1.401Sergiy Ignatchenko
2.230Eugene Bahanov
3.130Wolodimir Kudelya
4.100Mykhaylo Spivakovskyy
5.100Mykola Krokhmal
6.100Mykyta Kushnir
7.013Mykhaylo Serebryakov
8.010Dmytro Donets
9.010Mykyta Sheremetyev
10.010Rodion Saulenko
11.003Sergii Sherstyuk
12.001Dmytro Sednyev
13.001Mykhaylo Shalomayev
14.001Roman Martyshevsky

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (10 tournaments)
05.01.2020Christmas Dnipro 2020 DnipropetrovskSergiy Ignatchenko5
05.01.2019Christmas Dnipro 2019 DnipropetrovskWolodimir Kudelya4
30.12.2017Christmas Dnipro 2018 DnipropetrovskSergiy Ignatchenko6
14.01.2017Christmas Dnipro 2017 MarganetsEugene Bahanov8
03.01.2016Christmas Dnipro 2016 MarganetsEugene Bahanov10
02.01.2012Christmas Dnipro 2012 DnipropetrovskSergiy Ignatchenko10
15.01.2011Christmas Dnipro 2011 DnipropetrovskMykhaylo Spivakovskyy20
03.01.2010Christmas Dnipro 2010 DnipropetrovskMykola Krokhmal13
03.01.2009Christmas Dnipro 2009 DnipropetrovskMykyta Kushnir11
06.01.2008Christmas Dnipro 2008 DnipropetrovskSergiy Ignatchenko10

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