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Ukraine Veterans Championship Tour UKR

1.730Vitaliy Sapozhnikov
2.310Oleksandr Vladimirov
3.222Mykhaylo Shalomayev
4.210Nazar Kondrashevskyy
5.121Aleksey Vedernikov
6.103Yuriy Kushnir
7.101Dmytro Bardievskyi
8.100Bjarne Axelsen
9.033Igor Chaban
10.024Igor Zaporojets
11.011Dmytro Derkach
12.010Oleksandr Malyarozov
13.010Oleksandr Martynenko
14.010Vitaliy Ignatenko
15.001Oleksii Gusak
16.001Volodymyr Trus
17.001Wolodimir Kudelya

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (18 tournaments)
29.9.2018KLO League 2018/19 #2 (Ukraine Championships 2018/19 #2 Veterans) YurievkaVitaliy Sapozhnikov13
2.9.2018KLO League 2018/19 #1 (Ukraine Championships 2018/19 #1 Veterans) OdesaNazar Kondrashevskyy10
15.4.2018KLO League 2017/18 #4 (Ukraine Championships 2017/18 #4 Veterans) KharkivNazar Kondrashevskyy13
18.2.2018KLO League 2017/18 #3 (Ukraine Championships 2017/18 #3 Veterans) KyivVitaliy Sapozhnikov17
26.11.2017KLO League 2017/18 #2 (Ukraine Championships 2017/18 #2 Veterans) KharkivVitaliy Sapozhnikov14
24.8.2017KLO League 2017/18 #1 (Ukraine Championships 2017/18 #1 Veterans) OdesaVitaliy Sapozhnikov15
9.4.2017Ukraine Championships 2016/17 #4 Veterans KyivMykhaylo Shalomayev16
4.2.2017Ukraine Championships 2016/17 #3 Veterans KharkivVitaliy Sapozhnikov14
17.12.2016Ukraine Championships 2016/17 #2 Veterans KharkivBjarne Axelsen17
1.10.2016Ukraine Championships 2016/17 #1 Veterans KharkivVitaliy Sapozhnikov12
10.4.2016Ukraine Championships 2015/16 #3 Veterans KyivVitaliy Sapozhnikov8
21.11.2015Ukraine Championships 2015/16 #2 Veterans KharkivMykhaylo Shalomayev16
26.9.2015Ukraine Championships 2015/16 #1 Veterans OdesaAleksey Vedernikov17
12.4.2008Ukraine Championships 2007/08 #5 Veterans OdesaYuriy Kushnir10
1.3.2008Ukraine Championships 2007/08 #4 Veterans KyivDmytro Bardievskyi8
2.2.2008Ukraine Championships 2007/08 #3 Veterans OdesaOleksandr Vladimirov9
1.12.2007Ukraine Championships 2007/08 #2 Veterans KyivOleksandr Vladimirov10
3.11.2007Ukraine Championships 2007/08 #1 Veterans OdesaOleksandr Vladimirov9

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