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Swiss Championships SUI

1.1432Jean-Claude Klaus
2.4123Etienne Flore
3.215Samuel Blumer
4.131Claudio Brandellero
5.101David Hasler
6.100Anssi Jarvinen
7.022Rolf Locher
8.013Beat Luginbuhl
9.010Rolf Rude
10.002Roger Cavalli
11.001Antoine Schott
12.001Manuel Pasi
13.001Ramon Klaus
14.001Simon Hasler

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (23 tournaments)
31.3.2019Swiss Championships 2019 SpiezEtienne Flore17
7.4.2018Swiss Championships 2018 SpiezJean-Claude Klaus13
1.4.2017Swiss Championships 2017 SpiezJean-Claude Klaus17
30.4.2016Swiss Championships 2016 SpiezClaudio Brandellero17
26.4.2015Swiss Championships 2015 SpiezEtienne Flore21
27.4.2014Swiss Championships 2014 SpiezDavid Hasler22
28.4.2013Swiss Championships 2013 SpiezEtienne Flore16
28.4.2012Swiss Championships 2012 StudenJean-Claude Klaus18
16.4.2011Swiss Championships 2011 StudenJean-Claude Klaus21
17.4.2010Swiss Championships 2010 StudenJean-Claude Klaus25
25.4.2009Swiss Championships 2009 StudenSamuel Blumer25
26.4.2008Swiss Championships 2008 StudenJean-Claude Klaus26
31.3.2007Swiss Championships 2007 StudenAnssi Jarvinen26
1.4.2006Swiss Championships 2006 StudenJean-Claude Klaus32
17.12.2005Swiss Championships 2005 MunchenbuchseeJean-Claude Klaus30
17.4.2004Swiss Championships 2004 BolligenEtienne Flore11
10.5.2003Swiss Championships 2003 SchmittenJean-Claude Klaus15
13.4.2002Swiss Championships 2002 SchmittenSamuel Blumer14
27.1.2001Swiss Championships 2001 BolligenJean-Claude Klaus11
1.11.1998Swiss Championships 1998 BernJean-Claude Klaus15
1.1.1997Swiss Championships 1997 BernJean-Claude Klaus17
30.11.1996Swiss Championships 1996 NiederbippJean-Claude Klaus18
1.11.1995Swiss Championships 1995 NiederbippJean-Claude Klaus19

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