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Extraliga SVK

1.543Csaba Kocsis
2.531Allan Lorand st.
3.421Patrik Kocsis
4.303Rastislav Jajcaj
5.222Martin Martinec
6.034Matus Bolemant
7.021Ludovit Varga
8.011Ronald Kocsis
9.011Viktor Velic
10.010Martin Kopac
11.002Roland Kocsis

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (19 tournaments)
19.5.2023Extraliga 2022/23 #9 Nove ZamkyRastislav Jajcaj8
12.5.2023Extraliga 2022/23 #8 Nove ZamkyRastislav Jajcaj8
28.4.2023Extraliga 2022/23 #7 Nove ZamkyAllan Lorand st.9
21.4.2023Extraliga 2022/23 #6 Nove ZamkyPatrik Kocsis7
11.11.2022Extraliga 2022/23 #5 Nove ZamkyPatrik Kocsis9
28.10.2022Extraliga 2022/23 #4 Nove ZamkyAllan Lorand st.8
14.10.2022Extraliga 2022/23 #3 Nove ZamkyCsaba Kocsis9
16.9.2022Extraliga 2022/23 #2 Nove ZamkyMartin Martinec8
2.9.2022Extraliga 2022/23 #1 Nove ZamkyPatrik Kocsis11
3.6.2022Extraliga 2021/22 #10 Nove ZamkyCsaba Kocsis7
13.5.2022Extraliga 2021/22 #9 Nove ZamkyCsaba Kocsis7
15.4.2022Extraliga 2021/22 #8 Nove ZamkyCsaba Kocsis6
11.3.2022Extraliga 2021/22 #7 Nove ZamkyAllan Lorand st.10
18.2.2022Extraliga 2021/22 #6 Nove ZamkyPatrik Kocsis5
14.1.2022Extraliga 2021/22 #5 Nove ZamkyAllan Lorand st.9
7.1.2022Extraliga 2021/22 #4 Nove ZamkyAllan Lorand st.10
12.11.2021Extraliga 2021/22 #3 Nove ZamkyMartin Martinec10
1.10.2021Extraliga 2021/22 #2 Nove ZamkyCsaba Kocsis6
24.9.2021Extraliga 2021/22 #1 Nove ZamkyRastislav Jajcaj11

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