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Jekabpils Tournaments LAT

1.1212Andrejs Kuznecovs
2.993Janis Veide
3.7127Rudolfs Valainis
4.602Egils Belsevics
5.2106Arturs Litvincuks
6.200Valts Smagars
7.148Kristaps Zarinieks
8.126Jorens Leskovics
9.111Baiba Dace Ozolina
10.100Didzis Pucinskis
11.100Edgars Caics
12.100Mikus Saulitis
13.100Vitalijs Kudrjasovs
14.011Edijs Berzins
15.011Maris Hralovskis
16.010Aksels Hohfelds
17.010Arturs Vercins
18.010Jevgenijs Zaharovs
19.010Martins Zacests
20.002Janis Jusmanovs
21.002Janis Utinans
22.001Juris Rumjancevs
23.001Raimonds Vilcans
24.001Rihards Voitks
25.001Valts Grinbergs

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (45 tournaments)
06.08.2022Jekabpils Championship 2022 JekabpilsVitalijs Kudrjasovs10
20.05.2017Jekabpils Championship 2017 JekabpilsAndrejs Kuznecovs12
18.06.2016Jekabpils Open 2016 JekabpilsAndrejs Kuznecovs12
05.09.2015Jekabpils THC Tournament 2015 #1 JekabpilsAndrejs Kuznecovs8
23.05.2015Jekabpils Championship 2015 JekabpilsAndrejs Kuznecovs17
18.05.2013Jekabpils Youth Day Cup 2013 JekabpilsAndrejs Kuznecovs20
05.06.2012Jekabpils Tournament Summer 2012 JekabpilsValts Smagars17
03.09.2011Jekabpils Youth Day Cup 2011 JekabpilsValts Smagars11
02.04.2011Jekabpils Tournament 2011 JekabpilsBaiba Dace Ozolina11
27.03.2010Viesite Cup 2010 ViesiteDidzis Pucinskis11
26.09.2009Jekabpils League 2009/10 #1 ViesiteAndrejs Kuznecovs10
24.01.2009Jekabpils League 2008/09 #3 JekabpilsAndrejs Kuznecovs11
13.12.2008Jekabpils League 2008/09 #2 JekabpilsAndrejs Kuznecovs11
08.11.2008Jekabpils League 2008/09 #1 JekabpilsAndrejs Kuznecovs10
30.08.2008Jekabpils Tournament Summer 2008 #2 JekabpilsAndrejs Kuznecovs15
20.08.2008Jekabpils Tournament Summer 2008 #1 JekabpilsKristaps Zarinieks12
07.06.2008Jekabpils Celebration Cup 2008 JekabpilsAndrejs Kuznecovs16
08.03.2008Jekabpils Cup 2008 JekabpilsRudolfs Valainis16
07.07.2007Jekabpils Celebration Cup 2007 JekabpilsEdgars Caics14
21.04.2007Jekabpils THC Championships 2006/07 #5 JekabpilsJanis Veide13
27.03.2007Jekabpils THC Championships 2006/07 #4 JekabpilsAndrejs Kuznecovs9
09.02.2007Jekabpils THC Championships 2006/07 #3 JekabpilsJorens Leskovics11
03.02.2007Jekabpils THC Championships 2006/07 #2 JekabpilsRudolfs Valainis12
10.12.2006Jekabpils THC Championships 2006/07 #1 JekabpilsJanis Veide15
07.10.2006Jekabpils Cup 2006 JekabpilsEgils Belsevics17
01.04.2006Jekabpils Tournament Spring 2006 #2 JekabpilsJanis Veide19
10.02.2006Jekabpils Tournament Spring 2006 #1 JekabpilsArturs Litvincuks8
20.01.2006Jekabpils Tournament Autumn 2005/06 #2 JekabpilsRudolfs Valainis6
23.12.2005Jekabpils Tournament Autumn 2005/06 #1 JekabpilsJanis Veide6
27.11.2005Jekabpils Tournament Autumn 2005 #4 JekabpilsRudolfs Valainis9
09.10.2005Jekabpils Tournament Autumn 2005 #3 JekabpilsJanis Veide6
01.10.2005Jekabpils Tournament Autumn 2005 #2 JekabpilsRudolfs Valainis5
10.09.2005Jekabpils Tournament Autumn 2005 #1 JekabpilsJanis Veide6
27.08.2005Jekabpils Tournament Summer 2005 #6 JekabpilsArturs Litvincuks6
13.08.2005Jekabpils Tournament Summer 2005 #5 JekabpilsRudolfs Valainis7
31.07.2005Jekabpils Tournament Summer 2005 #4 JekabpilsRudolfs Valainis3
16.07.2005Jekabpils Open 2005 JekabpilsMikus Saulitis22
15.07.2005Jekabpils Tournament Summer 2005 #3 JekabpilsJanis Veide6
28.06.2005Jekabpils Tournament Summer 2005 #2 JekabpilsJanis Veide6
10.06.2005Jekabpils Tournament Summer 2005 #1 JekabpilsJanis Veide6
27.08.2004Jekabpils Boardhockey Camp #5 JekabpilsEgils Belsevics18
26.08.2004Jekabpils Boardhockey Camp #4 JekabpilsEgils Belsevics16
25.08.2004Jekabpils Boardhockey Camp #3 JekabpilsEgils Belsevics15
24.08.2004Jekabpils Boardhockey Camp #2 JekabpilsEgils Belsevics18
23.08.2004Jekabpils Boardhockey Camp #1 JekabpilsEgils Belsevics11

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