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Gutenberger Runde GER

1.1221Felix Waldmann
2.461Nicolas Lindner
3.125Juergen Wind
4.111Christian Jehle
5.020Michael Nett
6.012Florian Schaumann
7.011Alexey Antonov
8.011Josef Fischer
9.011Lukky Fischer
10.010Martina Melder
11.001Dominik Steck
12.001Felix Hefele
13.001Jona Prahm
14.001Michael Antonov
15.001Tom Fischer

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (18 tournaments)
26.7.2020ABK Cup #5 GutenbergFelix Waldmann6
12.7.2020ABK Cup #4 GutenbergFelix Waldmann6
5.7.2020Juli Cup 2020 GutenbergFelix Waldmann8
21.6.2020Venezia Cup 2020 GutenbergFelix Waldmann8
14.6.2020ABK Cup #3 GutenbergFelix Waldmann5
6.6.2020Juni Cup 2020 GutenbergFelix Waldmann7
31.5.2020ABK Cup #2 GutenbergFelix Waldmann5
24.5.2020ABK Cup #1 GutenbergNicolas Lindner5
17.5.2020Mai Cup 2020 GutenbergNicolas Lindner5
1.3.2020Februar Cup 2020 GutenbergFelix Waldmann6
1.2.2020Cup zum goldenen Clown GutenbergFelix Waldmann19
26.1.2020Swabian Championship 2020 #1 GutenbergNicolas Lindner6
25.1.2020Nachwuchscup #4 GutenbergJuergen Wind4
21.1.2020Nachwuchscup #3 GutenbergChristian Jehle4
12.1.2020Nachwuchscup #2 GutenbergNicolas Lindner4
5.1.2020Nachwuchscup #1 GutenbergFelix Waldmann4
18.12.2019Nikolausturnier 2019 GutenbergFelix Waldmann9
20.10.2019Gutenberg Cup 2019 GutenbergFelix Waldmann5

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