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SEB & Friends League GER

1.3198Jurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"
2.695Thomas Cornelius
3.51810Ralph Pommerenke
4.321Johann Ovcar
5.303Valentin Dietze
6.200Jonas Soderberg
7.113Rikard Sundstrom
8.110Martin Dion
9.100Christian Aden "Cowboy"
10.045Jorg Babelotzky
11.024Joachim Sauter
12.024Stefan Renno
13.011Martina Riese-Steul "The Wiesel"
14.010Aleksandr Tarakanov
15.010Alexander Gromov "Alex Der Grosste"
16.010Joachim Klang "Der Joe"
17.010Rune Christiansen
18.005Roland Sauter
19.001Elias Klimek
20.001Christian Dunnink "Hermd"
21.001Rene Albers "Box Albers"
22.001Sean Yokota

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
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Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (53 tournaments)
24.06.2019Clash of the Titans #12 GravenbruchJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"5
04.12.2018SEB Xmas Open 2018 RodgauRalph Pommerenke13
30.11.2017SEB Xmas Open 2017 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"14
22.11.2016SEB Xmas Open 2016 RodgauRalph Pommerenke13
28.11.2015SEB Xmas Open 2015 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"10
03.11.2015Clash of the Titans #11 RodgauRalph Pommerenke4
04.08.2015* SEB & Friends League 2015 #3 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"6
05.05.2015SEB & Friends League 2015 #2 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"8
02.02.2015SEB & Friends League 2015 #1 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"7
29.12.2014SEB & Friends League #26 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"5
06.12.2014SEB Xmas Open 2014 RodgauValentin Dietze12
23.11.2014Clash of the Titans #10 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"4
28.10.2014SEB & Friends League #25 RodgauThomas Cornelius8
15.07.2014SEB & Friends League #24 RodgauRalph Pommerenke4
14.06.2014SEB & Friends League #23 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"5
31.05.2014Clash of the Titans #9 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"7
26.03.2014SEB & Friends League #22 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"5
25.02.2014Clash of the Titans #8 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"4
22.02.2014* Clash of the Titans #7 RodgauValentin Dietze4
20.01.2014Chilean Trophy 2014 RodgauThomas Cornelius7
07.12.2013SEB Open 2013 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"16
24.11.2013SEB & Friends Sunday Special 2013 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"4
29.10.2013SEB & Friends League #21 RodgauThomas Cornelius6
08.10.2013SEB & Friends League #20 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"7
27.07.2013Clash of the Titans #6 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"4
26.06.2013SEB & Friends League #19 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"6
27.03.2013SEB & Friends League #18 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"9
16.03.2013Clash of the Titans #5 RodgauValentin Dietze7
14.02.2013Clash of the Titans #4 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"6
04.02.2013SEB & Friends League #17 RodgauRalph Pommerenke5
23.01.2013SEB & Friends League #16 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"7
23.12.2012Clash of the Titans #3 RodgauMartin Dion4
18.12.2012SEB & Friends League #15 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"6
08.12.2012SEB Open 2012 RodgauRikard Sundstrom24
14.11.2012SEB & Friends League #14 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"6
16.10.2012SEB & Friends League #13 RodgauThomas Cornelius9
11.08.2012Clash of the Titans #2 RodgauThomas Cornelius10
18.07.2012SEB & Friends League #12 RodgauJohann Ovcar6
09.07.2012SEB & Friends League #11 RodgauJohann Ovcar10
06.06.2012SEB & Friends League #10 RodgauJohann Ovcar6
16.05.2012SEB & Friends League #9 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"9
06.05.2012SEB & Friends Sonntagsturnier RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"4
25.04.2012SEB & Friends League #8 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"9
05.04.2012SEB & Friends League #7 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"9
12.03.2012SEB & Friends League #6 RodgauThomas Cornelius7
22.02.2012SEB & Friends League #5 FrankfurtJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"8
30.01.2012SEB & Friends League #4 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"3
16.01.2012SEB & Friends League #3 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"4
07.01.2012SEB & Friends League #2 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"8
17.12.2011SEB & Friends League #1 RodgauJurgen Riese "Sitting Bull"6
26.11.2011SEB Open 2011 RodgauJonas Soderberg24
27.11.2010SEB Open 2010 RodgauJonas Soderberg25
08.12.2007Clash of the Titans #1 FrankfurtChristian Aden "Cowboy"17

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