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German Championships Juniors GER

1.421Leon Haussknecht "Fast Hand"
2.420Linus Restel "Rooster"
3.200Till Dion
4.122Valentin Dietze
5.110Janus Doringer
6.100Fabian Broich
7.100Max Richter "Madmax"
8.100Sascha Kofferath
9.021Annika Gripp
10.012Azad Surun
11.011Anonymous Player
12.011Johannes Brunner
13.011Lawrence Reizine "Larry"
14.010Niema Manavi
15.010Tobias Taubitz "TnT"
16.001Daniel Hoch
17.001Florian Bequiraj
18.001Josef Ritter
19.001Luca Haussknecht
20.001Tonja Lechner

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (15 tournaments)
2.10.2021German Championships 2021 Juniors LahrTill Dion3
15.2.2020German Championships 2020 Juniors FrankfurtTill Dion6
16.2.2019German Championships 2019 Juniors HagenLinus Restel "Rooster"10
24.2.2018German Championships 2018 Juniors LahrLinus Restel "Rooster"11
11.2.2017German Championships 2017 Juniors IsmaningLinus Restel "Rooster"7
30.1.2016German Championships 2016 Juniors DuesseldorfValentin Dietze15
14.2.2015German Championships 2015 Juniors WilhelmshavenLeon Haussknecht "Fast Hand"4
1.3.2014German Championships 2014 Juniors HagenLeon Haussknecht "Fast Hand"9
16.2.2013German Championships 2013 Juniors GochLeon Haussknecht "Fast Hand"13
17.3.2012German Championships 2012 Juniors RodgauLeon Haussknecht "Fast Hand"9
19.2.2011German Championships 2011 Juniors DortmundLinus Restel "Rooster"9
6.3.2010German Championships 2010 Juniors SchortensMax Richter "Madmax"3
28.2.2009German Championships 2009 Juniors DuesseldorfSascha Kofferath4
12.7.2008German Championships 2008 Juniors BerlinJanus Doringer3
23.6.2007German Championships 2007 Juniors WilhelmshavenFabian Broich2

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