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Christian United THL FIN

1.1751Tomi Uimonen
2.174Riku Laaka
3.154Vesa Virri
4.113Kalle Mikkolainen
5.100Filip Hamacek
6.100Magnus Ahlberg
7.100Vesa Huotelin
8.021Niko Tuominen
9.020Panu Pajukari
10.010Sami Hellstrom
11.004Timo Hyvonen
12.003Jussi Tapola
13.002Pasi Moisander
14.001Olavi Vaisanen

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (23 tournaments)
8.4.2019Christian United league #23 HelsinkiTomi Uimonen9
25.3.2019Christian United THL 2019 #22 HelsinkiTomi Uimonen12
11.3.2019Christian United THL 2019 #21 HelsinkiKalle Mikkolainen12
25.2.2019Christian United THL 2019 #20 HelsinkiVesa Huotelin9
11.2.2019Christian United THL 2019 #19 HelsinkiTomi Uimonen10
28.1.2019Christian United THL 2019 #18 HelsinkiTomi Uimonen11
14.1.2019Christian United THL 2019 #17 HelsinkiRiku Laaka12
17.12.2018Christian United THL 2018 #16 HelsinkiTomi Uimonen11
3.12.2018Christian United THL 2018 #15 HelsinkiVesa Virri11
19.11.2018Christian United THL 2018 #14 HelsinkiTomi Uimonen11
5.11.2018Christian United THL 2018 #13 HelsinkiTomi Uimonen12
22.10.2018Christian United THL 2018 #12 HelsinkiTomi Uimonen9
8.10.2018Christian United THL 2018 #11 HelsinkiTomi Uimonen7
24.9.2018Christian United THL 2018 #10 HelsinkiTomi Uimonen5
10.9.2018Christian United THL 2018 #9 HelsinkiTomi Uimonen4
28.5.2018Christian United THL 2018 #8 HelsinkiTomi Uimonen11
14.5.2018Christian United THL 2018 #7 HelsinkiTomi Uimonen8
24.4.2018Christian United THL 2018 #6 HelsinkiTomi Uimonen8
10.4.2018Christian United THL 2018 #5 HelsinkiTomi Uimonen8
26.3.2018Christian United THL 2018 #4 HelsinkiTomi Uimonen11
6.3.2018Christian United THL 2018 #3 HelsinkiMagnus Ahlberg11
10.2.2018Christian United THL 2018 #2 HelsinkiTomi Uimonen9
29.1.2018Christian United THL 2018 #1 HelsinkiFilip Hamacek11

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