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SHK Skalica SVK
Club rank: 126.
City: Skalica
Contact person: Marian Vepy
Mail address: mail
no club web page available

Players ranked at the ranking (12)
Rank Points
655.Martin Vepy1080
931.Tomas Pokovic580
1026.Richard Mikula462
1027.Renek Palka462
1132.Tibor Valachovic ml.375
1168.Martin Valachovic349
1340.Jaroslav Strmiska244
1356.Marian Vepy237
1378.Richard Bartosek229
1717.Igor Mikula137
3556.Dominik Bartosek23
8421.Vladimir Sebela0

Members of the club no longer ranked at the ranking (27)
Patrik Csank
Emil Galoci
Jozef Hrncirik
Martin Juracka
Tomas Juracka
Peter Kadlecik
Maximilian Kavicky
Michal Kavicky
Martin Kojs
Radovan Krusina
Milan Michalek
Peter Moravec
Hynek Nejeschleba
Igor Noga
Sandra Nogova
Peter Ondrus
T. Pokovic
Rado Pokovic ml.
Rado Pokovic st.
Pavel Prochazka
Henrych Slatinsky
R. Strmiska
Tibor Valachovic st.
Katka Valachovicova
Jozef Vlcek
Adam Vodicka
O. Zatura

Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

Summary of club's teams results
09.12.2023SHK SkalicaSlovak Championships 2023 Teams4. (4)
07.05.2022SHK SkalicaSlovak Championships 2022 Teams1. (5)
04.05.2019SHK SkalicaSlovak Championships 2019 Teams1. (5)
04.05.2019SHK Skalica IISlovak Championships 2019 Teams4. (5)
19.05.2018SHK SkalicaSlovak Championships 2018 Teams1. (4)
19.05.2018SHK Skalica IISlovak Championships 2018 Teams4. (4)
02.04.2016SHK SkalicaSlovak Championships 2016 Teams2. (4)
22.06.2013SHK SkalicaSlovak Championships 2013 Teams3. (6)
01.06.2013SHK SkalicaCzech Championships 2013 Teams8. (19)
01.06.2013SHK Skalica IICzech Championships 2013 Teams14. (19)
04.06.2011SHK SkalicaSlovak Championships 2011 Teams2. (2)
18.04.2009SHK SkalicaSlovak Championships 2009 Teams2. (4)
13.05.2006SHK SkalicaSlovak Championships 2006 Teams4. (6)
14.05.2005SHK SkalicaSlovak Championships 2005 Teams4. (5)
05.06.2004SHK SkalicaSlovak Championships 2004 Teams5. (8)

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