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Russian Championships 2021/22 #1
Date 17.10.2021
Series Russian Championships
City Kazan
Web -
Participants 29
Level 4
Value 4341

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.60.+5Emil MumdzhiTHC TorosRussia637
2.23.-Dmitriy PetrovTHC TorosRussia596
3.48.+1Anton RunenkovTHC MEGAPOLISRussia573
4.35.-Artem BlinovTHC MEGAPOLISRussia552
5.170.+47Maxim ChegaevLegion-NiKiRussia533
6.49.-Alexander GalkinTHC MEGAPOLISRussia508
7.238.+35Alexander EnyushinKazan DragonsRussia483
8.76.-Semen BitjukovTHC MEGAPOLISRussia459
9.234.+11Konstantin BarabashKazan DragonsRussia439
10.69.-Vitaly SkorobogatovPetersburg PiratesRussia431
11.286.+35Igor NovikovPenguins SapiensRussia422
12.447.+29Aleksandr YakovenkoUral-VolgaRussia415
13.506.+32Pavel ShakirovKazan DragonsRussia402
14.208.-Kapitolina SemaginaKazan DragonsRussia388
15.245.-Roman AganichevIvanovoRussia370
16.361.-Elena StoljarovaForever YoungRussia351
17.433.-Timur KhamievKazan DragonsRussia339
18.548.+17Mikhail GoncharukNorthern LightsRussia323
19.190.-Ismagil IksanovKazan DragonsRussia304
20.193.-Evgenii SolovievLegion-NiKiRussia262
21.1447.+296Alisa PlatonovaPodrostokRussia220
22.852.+19Andrei Ivanov-Russia181
23.395.-Sergey SemaginKazan DragonsRussia143
24.1300.+82Sergey MarochkinSamaraRussia126
25.699.-Konstantin GorshkovPodrostokRussia98
26.1543.+25Roman BentsaIzhevskRussia61
27.1170.-Dmitriy Krasilnikov-Russia34
28.972.-Andrey BitjukovForever YoungRussia10
29.NEW-Efim Vidyakov-Russia1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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