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6:3 Cup 2006
Date 25.11.2006
Series Hungarian League
City Budapest
Web -
Participants 34
Level 4
Value 2740

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.109.-Gergely RegulaBodicsek KlubHungary466
2.265.+8Daniel LetayBudenz HybernatorHungary416
3.299.+11Zoltan CserhatiBodicsek KlubHungary377
4.177.-Magor PappBodicsek KlubHungary356
5.332.-Mate SzaboSiraly EKHungary330
6.350.-Tamas SzilasiOrczy-Bazis KlubHungary302
7.226.-Balint NagyBodicsek KlubHungary266
8.449.-Andras NaszadiBodicsek KlubHungary226
9.683.+101Peter BorsanyiBodicsek KlubHungary192
10.481.-Laszlo BobakBodicsek KlubHungary168
11.611.+1Zoltan SzaboSiraly EKHungary153
12.762.+40Barnabas ParkanszkiBodicsek KlubHungary146
13.766.+69Ferenc Felix VagoSiraly EKHungary139
14.NEW-Attila NogradiBudenz HybernatorHungary131
15.780.+71Tamas SchuszlerBudenz HybernatorHungary122
16.537.-Tamas SzilasiTeam RekreacioHungary115
17.835.+40Evelin SolteszOrczy-Bazis KlubHungary107
18.678.-Zsolt SzelesiOrczy-Bazis KlubHungary101
19.2127.+1000Viktor MagyariBodicsek KlubHungary99
20.676.-Gaspar LetayBudenz HybernatorHungary91
21.896.+12Sandor BartaSiraly EKHungary79
22.815.-Alti AltmannBodicsek KlubHungary65
23.657.-Peter BartuczKontyfa DSEHungary51
24.921.+6Eniko KarpatiSiraly EKHungary41
25.1583.+230Soma Parkanszki-Hungary37
26.1022.-Patricia KapuvariOrczy-Bazis KlubHungary32
27.1265.+32Janos SzilasiTeam RekreacioHungary28
28.1203.+35Adam TakacsBudenz HybernatorHungary24
29.1951.+131Tamas MolnarBodicsek KlubHungary19
30.1542.-Zoltan TothOrczy-Bazis KlubHungary18
31.3043.+414Andras Borso-Hungary15
32.1508.-Adrienn NemethOrczy-Bazis KlubHungary10
33.4043.+333Gaspar Parkanszki-Hungary6
34.1771.-Marcell KendeBudenz HybernatorHungary1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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