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Riga Cup 2000
Date 10.6.2000
Series Latvian Ranking Tournaments
Riga Cup
City Riga
Web -
Participants 55
Level 2
Value 3751

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.63.-Raivis SternatsRiga THCLatvia510
2.196.-Martins Zirnis-Latvia491
3.162.-Janis KirsisRiga THCLatvia482
4.NEW-Uldis Jekabsons-Latvia472
5.146.-Ivars VilkensBJC LaimiteLatvia463
6.NEW-Andis Liepa-Latvia454
7.202.-Ilgvars PavlovskisRiga THCLatvia445
8.50.-Sergejs MihejevsRiga THCLatvia435
9.NEW-Valts Bumanis-Latvia426
10.NEW-Andris Priedins-Latvia417
11.NEW-Roberts Senbergs-Latvia408
12.98.-Didzis Ozolins-Latvia398
13.1536.-Arnis Jackevics-Latvia389
14.118.-Sandis KalninsIncukalns THCLatvia380
15.2096.-Maris Zembergs-Latvia371
16.827.-Edgars Gutmanis-Latvia361
17.159.-Mihail MargolisDieselIsrael352
18.NEW-Alexander MinchenkoAII Citrus-ArtRussia343
19.NEW-A. Andzans-Latvia334
20.NEW-A. Gutmanis-Latvia324
21.446.-Vilnis ZoldnersRiga THCLatvia315
22.156.-Salvis SkarainisRiga THCLatvia306
23.NEW-Maris Sustins-Latvia297
24.NEW-V. Svetlovs-Latvia287
25.286.-Egils BelsevicsMelnie ZirdziniLatvia278
26.NEW- Astics-Latvia269
27.NEW-Sergejs BezenkovsNice CastleLatvia260
28.NEW-A. Punte-Latvia250
29.NEW-V. Seglins-Latvia241
30.NEW-Zigmars Smits-Latvia232
31.NEW-Mareks Links-Latvia223
32.NEW-A. Stikuts-Latvia214
33.NEW-L. Deifts-Latvia204
34.NEW-A. Ivanovs-Latvia195
35.506.-Lienite SkaraineTalsiLatvia186
36.NEW-Igors Sabickis-Latvia177
37.NEW-A. Boldovs-Latvia167
38.NEW-I. Fjodorovs-Latvia158
39.NEW-A. Mironovs-Latvia149
40.NEW-J. Stalgivits-Latvia140
41.NEW-N. Sers-Latvia130
42.NEW- Petkuna-Latvia121
43.NEW-I. Iljicovs-Latvia112
44.NEW-M. Tipsis-Latvia103
45.NEW-I. Snore-Latvia93
46.NEW-I. Sprince-Latvia84
47.NEW- Zeleznjakovs-Latvia75
48.NEW-Gundars Spalva-Latvia66
49.NEW-Andris Kundrats-Latvia56
50.NEW-E. Strautins-Latvia47
51.NEW-G. Gailitis-Latvia38
52.NEW-A. Zarins-Latvia29
53.NEW-P. Tolkacovs-Latvia19
54.NEW- Kravecs-Latvia10
55.NEW-J. Petkuns-Latvia1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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