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Estonian Championships 2006/07 #3
Date 25.11.2006
Series Estonian Championships
City Tallinn
Web -
Participants 20
Level 4
Value 1634

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.549.+46Vladislav TrofimovTrimix BHCEstonia266
2.680.+90Juri ArtamonovTEHC Black Forest WerewolvesEstonia243
3.384.-Igor SaveljevSK RauaEstonia227
4.588.+38Oleg LomakinSK RauaEstonia206
5.441.-Valeri TrofimovTrimix BHCEstonia188
6.522.+2Grigori TimoschukTrimix BHCEstonia177
7.543.-Jevgeni MestserjakovTallinn BHCEstonia166
8.465.-Vafa HamdamovSK RauaEstonia160
9.760.+29Artur TammemetsTallinn BHCEstonia153
10.696.+10Andrei MestserjakovTallinn BHCEstonia142
11.793.+46Jevgeni LvovLegion-NiKiEstonia133
12.1038.+120Maksim ShanchukTrimix BHCEstonia122
13.928.+67German GellerTallinn BHCEstonia107
14.1178.+152Maria SaveljevaSK RauaEstonia95
15.702.-Dmitri KrylenkovTrimix BHCEstonia76
16.683.-Aleksandr KrylovTallinn BHCEstonia52
17.902.-Dmitri LelekaMaardu LHKEstonia30
18.903.-Juri BurdutshenkoTallinn BHCEstonia11
19.3533.+250Kristina DushinaTrimix BHCEstonia5
20.NEW-Vladimir SaljukovTrimix BHCEstonia1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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