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Incukalns Championships 2007
Date 29.04.2007
Series Incukalns League
Incukalns Championships
City Incukalns
Web -
Participants 36
Level 5
Value 2550

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.67.-Janis KalnevicsIncukalns THCLatvia424
2.110.-Sandis KalninsIncukalns THCLatvia381
3.243.-Kaspars DubavsIncukalns THCLatvia351
4.169.-Didzis ZiemelisIncukalns THCLatvia316
5.75.-Mikus SaulitisIncukalns THCLatvia289
6.89.-Matiss SaulitisIncukalns THCLatvia276
7.204.-Karlis BalodisIncukalns THCLatvia264
8.318.-Haralds GalsIncukalns THCLatvia250
9.272.-Roberts MeijersIncukalns THCLatvia234
10.396.-Rihards GalsIncukalns THCLatvia217
11.449.-Artis SkujnieksIncukalns THCLatvia200
12.328.-Edijs VaversIncukalns THCLatvia191
13.395.-Rolands ZarinsIncukalns THCLatvia183
14.482.-Guntis KarlovskisIncukalns THCLatvia176
15.354.-Viesturs SmitsIncukalns THCLatvia168
16.609.-Ilze Zuce-TencaIncukalns THCLatvia160
17.701.+21Daniels LaizansIncukalns THCLatvia151
18.612.-Kaspars AmonsIncukalns THCLatvia139
19.480.-Eriks KuharjonoksIncukalns THCLatvia130
20.524.-Sergejs GudzsIncukalns THCLatvia121
21.735.+33Andis GrinbergsIncukalns THCLatvia113
22.1164.+260Vitalijs GustinsIncukalns THCLatvia106
23.661.-Arnis SkraucsIncukalns THCLatvia98
24.775.+45Alberts Vietnieks-Latvia91
25.1625.+492Maris Dubavs-Latvia82
26.787.+5Elina GalaIncukalns THCLatvia66
27.467.-Janis KarlovskisIncukalns THCLatvia50
28.1758.+329Kristians CimersIncukalns THCLatvia34
29.762.-Kaspars KuharjonoksIncukalns THCLatvia19
30.1875.+312Viktors PetrovsIncukalns THCLatvia12
31.948.-Elis Suberts-Latvia8
32.NEW-Viktors Gustins-Latvia5
33.2985.+98Roberts Rasums-Latvia4
34.2348.-Arturs Vitins-Latvia3
35.3256.+207Edijs Liepins-Latvia2
36.3524.+152Norberts Svans-Latvia1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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