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Brno 1991
Date 1.6.1991
Series Cesky Pohar
City Brno
Web -
Participants 75
Level 4
Value 968

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.791.-Goran AgdurOrsa HSKSweden351
2.NEW-Laurent BaraouTeam ParisFrance178
3.NEW-Jerome WittwerTeam ParisFrance112
4.NEW-Valerie Ceysson-France67
5.NEW-Nathalie BiaisTeam ParisFrance66
6.NEW-Ladislav Navratil-Czech Republic65
7.NEW-Maryse BaraouTeam ParisFrance64
8.NEW-Juraj SimkoBHC Brno CrocodilesSlovakia63
9.NEW-Jaromir Navratil-Czech Republic63
10.159.-Zbynek PilarAbsolut DesperationCzech Republic62
11.NEW-Tomas MichalekOlomoucCzech Republic61
12.NEW-Martin Dudek-Czech Republic60
13.NEW-Dusan Stanicky-Czech Republic59
14.NEW-Evzen Roth-Czech Republic58
15.NEW-Miroslav Zaruba-Czech Republic57
16.1208.-Petr MurlaOlomoucCzech Republic56
17.20.-Jan DryakBig BandCzech Republic55
18.NEW-Antonin SimecekBHC Brno CrocodilesCzech Republic54
19.NEW-Michal Bil-Czech Republic53
20.44.-Vladimir StudnickaTHC Stiga PlzenCzech Republic52
21.NEW-Jaroslav DryakBig BandCzech Republic51
22.NEW-Vladimir FojtikSMSHKCzech Republic50
23.86.-Pavel ChalusTHC Stiga PlzenCzech Republic49
24.NEW-Pavel Vrkoslav-Czech Republic49
25.NEW-Martin Hruby-Czech Republic48
26.26.-Pavel PlesakGladiators PlzenCzech Republic47
27.NEW-Stepan KoutBHC Brno CrocodilesCzech Republic46
28.NEW-Pavel Holik-Czech Republic45
29.753.-Josef KrausETHL MiloviceCzech Republic44
30.NEW-Tomas Regentik-Czech Republic43
31.1300.-Ales LehkyBHC Brno CrocodilesCzech Republic42
32.NEW-Richard Sevcik-Czech Republic41
33.NEW-David SoldnerAbsolut DesperationCzech Republic40
34.NEW-Vlastimil Zampach-Czech Republic39
35.NEW-Libor Kopcil-Czech Republic38
36.NEW-Jiri Maler-Czech Republic37
37.1401.-Daniel SchneiderTHC Stiga PlzenCzech Republic36
38.NEW-Milos Hanzelin-Czech Republic36
39.NEW-Frantisek Vlasic-Czech Republic35
40.NEW-Radek Dokoupil-Czech Republic34
41.NEW-Vladimir Cintala-Czech Republic33
42.NEW-Ivo Havlicek-Czech Republic32
43.NEW-Leos HorcickaTHC Stiga PlzenCzech Republic31
44.NEW-Jindrich Horak-Czech Republic30
45.NEW-Miroslav Konecny-Czech Republic29
46.NEW-Karel Benko-Czech Republic28
47.NEW-Miroslav MullerETHL MiloviceCzech Republic27
48.NEW-Pavel PsejaBHC Brno CrocodilesCzech Republic26
49.NEW-Frantisek Kuma-Czech Republic25
50.NEW-Petr Stochl-Czech Republic24
51.194.-Martin DrapakTHC Stiga PlzenCzech Republic23
52.NEW-Petr JarolimSHL Severni CechyCzech Republic22
53.47.-David SmidTHC Stiga Svitavy 93Czech Republic22
54.NEW-Pavel Kucera-Czech Republic21
55.NEW-Jan Kochman-Czech Republic20
56.NEW-Robert Ursta-Czech Republic19
57.924.-Libor GrabecETHL MiloviceCzech Republic18
58.NEW-Jan Murarik-Czech Republic17
59.NEW-Tomas Rosenberg-Czech Republic16
60.NEW-Petr Kubesa-Czech Republic15
61.589.-Ales HorcickaTHC Stiga ElitesCzech Republic14
62.NEW-Martin Pafcuga-Czech Republic13
63.NEW-Lubomir Siwek-Czech Republic12
64.NEW-Petr Vaculik-Czech Republic11
65.NEW-Josef Smatlak-Czech Republic10
66.NEW-Stefan Bagyura-Czech Republic9
67.NEW-Ludek HorcickaTHC Stiga PlzenCzech Republic8
68.NEW-Pavel NavratilETHL MiloviceCzech Republic8
69.NEW-Karel RothTHL PrahaCzech Republic7
70.NEW-Alice Hanzelinova-Czech Republic6
71.NEW-Peter Simko-Slovakia5
72.NEW-Peter Fusko-Czech Republic4
73.NEW-Tomas Vedral-Czech Republic3
74.NEW-Richard Felis-Czech Republic2
75.NEW-Roman Votava-Czech Republic1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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