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Stora Essingemasterskapen 1987
Date 12.12.1987
Series Swedish Tour
City Stockholm
Web -
Participants 47
Level 4
Value 3263

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.40.-Thomas PeterssonSaanapu CyclonesSweden427
2.681.-Cenneth NicklassonVisby ISKSweden414
3.NEW-Hans NorenEnkopings HSCSweden409
3.27.-Jorgen SundqvistOrebro BHFSweden409
5.781.-Goran AgdurOrsa HSKSweden405
6.NEW-Fredrik JohanssonEnkopings HSCSweden402
7.NEW-Anders CarisOrsa HSKSweden400
8.NEW-Lars HenrikssonBroderna GrymSweden397
9.NEW-Jonny StenerEnkopings HSCSweden395
10.NEW-Per JemthOrsa HSKSweden392
11.1012.-Peter SundqvistOrebro BHFSweden390
12.122.-Patrik DanielssonStockholms IKSweden388
13.9.-Stefan Edwall2015 UnitedSweden385
14.NEW-Olle KohlerStockholms IKSweden383
15.NEW-Thomas BjornsonMalmens BHKSweden379
16.1035.-Peter DanielssonStockholms IKSweden374
17.NEW-Joakim LarssonVisby ISKSweden371
18.NEW-Robert IsakssonEnkopings HSCSweden367
19.NEW-Claes-Goran AbergStockholms IKSweden365
20.64.-Lars-Erik SvenssonUmea HSSSweden362
21.NEW-Fredrik SjovallOrebro HSKSweden359
22.427.-Birger HedstromVisby ISKSweden353
23.NEW-Morgan BertilssonOrebro IFSweden347
24.NEW-Ulrik GidaStockholms IKSweden341
25.1461.-Ronald AderforsStockholms IKSweden336
26.NEW-Anders LeifmanStockholms IKSweden332
27.NEW-Lennart VillumsenStockholms IKSweden328
28.925.-Anders FinnemanStockholms IKSweden326
29.NEW-John WilhelmssonBjorkhagen RangersSweden324
30.NEW-Sven JohnsonStockholms IKSweden317
31.NEW-Anders SjobergOrebro BHFSweden309
32.NEW-Tord BengtssonOrsa HSKSweden300
33.NEW-Per StromOrsa HSKSweden289
34.NEW-Tomas SvenssonOrebro IFSweden282
35.NEW-Dag KohlerStockholms IKSweden274
36.NEW-Christer WiedengrenStockholms IKSweden268
37.NEW-Lars Kronstrand-Sweden257
38.NEW-Bengt OllanderGoteborgs HSSSweden245
39.1811.-Sten SvenssonAvantgarde LundSweden232
40.NEW-Jon JonssonOrsa HSKSweden212
41.NEW-Jan GradvallDynamo StockholmSweden196
42.NEW-Hans SeizOrebro IFSweden145
43.NEW-Lars SundhDynamo StockholmSweden92
44.544.-Joakim BjorkKarlstad BHKSweden47
45.NEW-Jonas BerggrenDynamo StockholmSweden5
46.NEW-Patrik OlofssonUmea HSSSweden2
47.NEW-Tore JohanssonEnkopings HSCSweden1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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