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Cup of Tula 2017 (Open Cup of Russia 2017/18 #4)
Date 17.12.2017
Series Open Cup of Russia
City Tula
Web -
Participants 28
Level 4
Value 5024

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.4.-Veniamin GerasimovTHC TorosRussia764
2.3.-Alexey ZaharovTHC TorosRussia704
3.17.-Alexey TitovAlfa-TaktikaRussia662
4.32.-Grigoriy DubininAlfa-TaktikaRussia626
5.203.+24Dmitry SolovievDieselRussia594
6.196.+12Vyacheslav KelinTHC TorosRussia577
7.96.-Vitaly SkorobogatovPetersburg PiratesRussia558
8.65.-Stanislav LutayLeningradetsRussia538
9.221.+5Alexey BaranovVolnaRussia529
10.46.-Dmitriy PetrovTHC TorosRussia517
11.197.-Sergey SammalTHC Lisovi HaschiRussia503
12.296.+18Petr MozhaevCopenhagen Ice BreakersRussia493
13.74.-Stepan KorotkiyBagiraRussia479
14.120.-Alexander GalkinTHC MEGAPOLISRussia460
15.109.-Yuriy Prostakov-Russia440
16.226.-Jevgeny TsupkoBagiraIsrael422
17.1568.+516Dmitriy BarahovTHC Lisovi HaschiRussia391
18.331.-Yaroslav Mikryukov-Russia359
19.318.-Andrey PonomarevVolnaRussia311
20.485.-Yuriy VerbitskiyUral-VolgaRussia220
21.1369.+191Valery MaslovTulaRussia140
22.NEW-Nikolay IgnatovTulaRussia67
23.5942.+1341Boris GorbachevTulaRussia14
24.NEW-Alexey KryuchkovTulaRussia11
25.3585.+224Evgeniy VorobievTulaRussia9
26.NEW-Ivan ZhelezniakTulaRussia6
27.NEW-Dmitriy SemenovTulaRussia4
28.NEW-Aleksei ZhelezniakTulaRussia1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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