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Boston Challenge 2004
Date 01.04.2004
Series North American Tour
City Boston, MA
Web -
Participants 64
Level 3
Value 3263

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.24.-Markus LaaksoMahtisonnitFinland617
2.206.-Bruce TurnerKitchener WTHLCanada541
3.169.-Shoji HandaMoriyaJapan504
4.61.-Alexander KukushkinDieselRussia443
5.128.-Kenny DuboisMassachusetts THLUSA383
6.228.-Rob ChargoLemont THLUSA308
7.207.-Jean Gelinas Jr.Montreal LHSMCanada248
8.188.-Bernie KunzlerKitchener WTHLCanada219
9.232.-Espen MoeTrondheim BHKNorway188
10.224.-Hugues DeryMontreal LHSMCanada175
11.105.-Vladimir KrausAbsolut DesperationCzech Republic169
12.499.-Joel VuoleviSPYFinland161
13.385.-Jeff PuopoloGroveland THLUSA143
14.289.-Ron MarsikLemont THLUSA121
15.318.-Graham BarberDenver THLUSA100
16.331.-Pascal TheriaultNCR SelectCanada82
17.277.-Steve BernsteinMassachusetts THLUSA76
18.300.-Mike CaponettiMassachusetts THLUSA74
19.290.-Eric DesjardinsNCR SelectCanada73
20.440.-Phan Quoc VanMontreal LHTSOCanada73
21.384.-David DecrozantNCR SelectCanada72
22.310.-Roger OwensNew York ACTHLUSA71
23.450.-Eric ChesickMontreal LHTSOCanada70
24.431.-Joe PuopoloGroveland THLUSA69
25.386.-Dominic FroomeVancouver THCCanada69
26.398.-Jim RzoncaLemont THLUSA67
27.526.-Bob BernsteinMassachusetts THLUSA66
28.415.-Glen Cullen-USA65
29.472.-Al CousineauMassachusetts THLUSA64
30.455.-Ron ChesickMontreal LHTSOCanada64
31.537.-Dustin SweeneyGroveland THLUSA63
32.509.-Calvin RollinsGroveland THLUSA61
33.291.-Chris DiDomizioConnecticut ECTHLUSA60
34.611.-Len MeccaBinghamton Area THLUSA58
35.515.-Nick Tripolitis-USA56
36.504.-Eric KrolLemont THLUSA55
37.701.-Andrey KrukovNew York ACTHLRussia53
38.458.-Matt DiDomizioConnecticut ECTHLUSA51
39.942.-Alex FitzgeraldGroveland THLUSA49
40.812.-Steve CabralGroveland THLUSA47
41.1015.-Nick FitzgeraldGroveland THLUSA45
42.780.-Art KraatzSouthern California THLUSA44
43.1501.-Bryan O Malley-USA42
44.1219.-Scott FitzgeraldGroveland THLUSA40
45.858.-Stephen KlumpNCR SelectCanada39
46.838.-David SweeneyGroveland THLUSA39
47.753.-Tom MulrainMassachusetts THLUSA37
48.1708.-Eric Pratt-USA36
49.1249.-David CohenMassachusetts THLUSA35
50.660.-Cat MertoNew York ACTHLUSA33
51.506.-Steve Puopolo Sr.Groveland THLUSA32
52.628.-John CookeNCR SelectCanada31
53.1384.-Bob PuopoloGroveland THLUSA30
54.1787.-Brian PigottGroveland THLUSA29
55.2112.-Rocky Libucha-USA27
56.1361.-Wally Devlin-USA23
57.1135.-John PigottGroveland THLUSA18
58.1197.-James FriedlNew York ACTHLUSA11
59.1085.-Jerry PytlewskiLemont THLUSA9
60.1368.-Eric Devlin-USA7
61.962.-Dave MilesGroveland THLUSA6
62.2005.-Fred AndersonMassachusetts THLUSA4
63.3282.-Andrey EreminSaratovRussia3
64.1538.-Mark MilesGroveland THLUSA1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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