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Black Sea Cup 2014 (Open Cup of Russia 2014/15 #2)
Date 06.09.2014
Series Open Cup of Russia
City Anapa
Web -
Participants 31
Level 4
Value 4301

Final table
Pos. 5 Rank Change Player Club Nation Rank points
1.37.-Grigoriy DubininAlfa-TaktikaRussia630
2.58.-Arseniy StolyarovTHC TorosRussia584
3.107.-Yuriy Prostakov-Russia564
4.118.-Anton RunenkovTHC MEGAPOLISRussia549
5.74.-Stepan KorotkiyBagiraRussia532
6.98.-Alexandr ZaytsevTHC TorosRussia508
7.360.+55Igor NovikovPenguins SapiensRussia479
8.115.-Dmitry SolovievDieselRussia455
9.466.+56Sergey BratkoPenguins SapiensRussia433
10.249.-Nikita PavlovNorthern LightsRussia412
11.176.-Sergey SammalTHC Lisovi HaschiRussia392
12.449.+9Igor NovikovAesthetic TerrorRussia368
13.322.-Daniil YurchenkoGentle GiantsRussia345
14.474.-Denis ChernjavskyGentle GiantsRussia326
15.373.-Yury VolikMarch CatsRussia303
16.1164.+189Alexander VihlyantsevVolgogradRussia274
17.268.-Ryurik GutievKinder SurpriseRussia249
18.1050.+120Leonid VolikKrasnodarRussia213
19.560.-Vladimir NovikovAesthetic TerrorRussia180
20.1059.+67Sergey FielMarch CatsRussia156
21.701.-Andrey TitovKinder SurpriseRussia129
22.508.-Ivan DemchenkoMarch CatsRussia118
23.1739.+271Alexandr GorlinVolgodonskRussia104
24.834.-Aslan Ahidzhakov-Russia89
25.1123.+30Elina YurchenkoArmavirRussia75
26.1835.+174Dmitry AbaevAesthetic TerrorRussia60
27.1172.-German DzhulaevMarch CatsRussia44
28.1075.-Tatyana OrlovaMarch CatsRussia28
29.1489.-Vasiliy ZhirovESeRRussia15
30.3579.+114Oksana RudenkoKrasnodarRussia3
31.NEW-Eduard GrigorievVolgodonskRussia1
ranking valid before the tournament and rank change caused by this tournament are stated
Colours explanation
junior veteran lady lady junior lady veteran

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