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Nordjysk Championships Juniors DEN

1.730Szymon Witulski
2.530Anders Dodensig
3.320Mathias Jacobsen
4.201Nicolai Dahl Jeppesen
5.102Nico Lyksholm
6.023Havin Kasem
7.021Grathien Niyonsuti
8.020Emil Algrensen
9.020Robert Emmanuel
10.012Alex Emanuel Latorre
11.011Lasse Kristensen
12.002Mohamad Alian
13.001Alexandru Plamedeala
14.001Francis Niyongira
15.001Fredrik Bodilsen
16.001Nour Dalal
17.001Rasmus Gade
18.001Viktor Bodilsen

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
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Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (18 tournaments)
10.02.2024Nordjysk Championships 2024 U25 BronderslevSzymon Witulski16
03.02.2024Nordjysk Championships 2024 U18 BronderslevSzymon Witulski14
09.02.2023Nordjysk Championships 2023 U25 BronderslevMathias Jacobsen14
28.01.2023Nordjysk Championships 2023 U18 BronderslevSzymon Witulski10
30.04.2022Nordjysk Championships 2022 U18 BronderslevSzymon Witulski14
30.04.2022Nordjysk Championships 2022 U25 BronderslevMathias Jacobsen15
18.09.2021Nordjysk Championships 2021 U25 BronderslevSzymon Witulski15
13.06.2020Nordjysk Championships 2020 U18 BronderslevSzymon Witulski19
13.06.2020Nordjysk Championships 2020 U25 BronderslevMathias Jacobsen16
09.06.2018Nordjysk Championships 2018 Juniors BronderslevSzymon Witulski12
23.05.2017Nordjysk Championships 2017 Juniors BronderslevAnders Dodensig16
26.10.2013Nordjysk Championships 2013 Juniors BronderslevAnders Dodensig5
01.09.2012Nordjysk Championships 2012 Juniors BronderslevAnders Dodensig11
02.10.2011Nordjysk Championships 2011 Juniors BronderslevAnders Dodensig10
13.11.2010Nordjysk Championships 2010 Juniors BronderslevAnders Dodensig11
05.09.2009Nordjysk Championships 2009 Juniors BronderslevNico Lyksholm9
31.05.2008Nordjysk Championships 2008 Juniors BronderslevNicolai Dahl Jeppesen11
22.06.2007Nordjysk Championships 2007 Juniors BronderslevNicolai Dahl Jeppesen8

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