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Danish Championships Women DEN

1.1400Anette Engel
2.042Rose Augustinussen
3.023Lis Engel
4.021Ida Dodensig
5.012Mie Dodensig
6.010Elise Algrensen
7.010Fatima Kayed
8.010Havin Kasem
9.010Jakline Kasem
10.010Mediatrice Nyirahajenimani
11.002Sarah Dallal
12.001Amalie Nielsen
13.001Cecilie Lyksholm
14.001Celina Bjerring Bang
15.001Sofija Salling

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (14 tournaments)
21.03.2023Danish Championships 2023 Women BronderslevAnette Engel10
07.01.2018Danish Championships 2018 Women BronderslevAnette Engel16
22.01.2017Danish Championships 2017 Women BronderslevAnette Engel15
26.04.2016Danish Championships 2016 Women BronderslevAnette Engel15
05.12.2015Danish Championships 2015 Women BronderslevAnette Engel7
25.01.2014Danish Championships 2014 Women BronderslevAnette Engel11
26.10.2013Danish Championships 2013 Women BronderslevAnette Engel6
03.03.2012Danish Championships 2012 Women BronderslevAnette Engel6
12.11.2011Danish Championships 2011 Women BronderslevAnette Engel5
12.12.2010Danish Championships 2010 Women BronderslevAnette Engel6
27.12.2009Danish Championships 2009 Women BronderslevAnette Engel5
27.12.2008Danish Championships 2008 Women BronderslevAnette Engel3
29.12.2007Danish Championships 2007 Women BronderslevAnette Engel7
30.12.2006Danish Championships 2006 Women BronderslevAnette Engel4

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