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Eagles Development DEN

1.1700Bjarne Axelsen
2.300Mike Dahl
3.220Mohamad Alian
4.212Grathien Niyonsuti
5.212Mathias Jacobsen
6.211Mads Jorgensen
7.210Mads Hansen
8.100Carsten Jacobsen
9.100Daniel Kringelbach
10.043Anette Engel
11.040Anders Dodensig
12.030Anders Holt
13.024Francis Niyongira
14.012Allan Jespersen
15.011Bo Krause
16.011Rasool Mahmoud
17.010Adnan Eliyahi
18.010Ahmad Souhad
19.010David Godi
20.010Ken Schwartz
21.010Lars Erichsen
22.010Mohammad Dalal
23.010Mohammed Juha
24.010Nico Lyksholm
25.010Nizar Alsayd
26.010Thomas Jespersen
27.002Emil Oland
28.002Kim Damgaard
29.001Abdirahman Mohamed
30.001Andreas Jensen
31.001Bo Jensen
32.001Emil Algrensen
33.001Ernest Darbinian
34.001Hamid Ashtiani
35.001Henrik Osterby
36.001Christian Klastrup
37.001Michael Toft Nielsen
38.001Morten Eistrup
39.001Rasmus Gade
40.001Yousef Alhazwani

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (32 tournaments)
02.11.2020FEB Autumn Training 2020 #3 BronderslevMohamad Alian15
23.10.2020FEB Autumn Training 2020 #2 BronderslevGrathien Niyonsuti22
14.10.2020FEB Autumn Training 2020 #1 BronderslevMohamad Alian18
30.08.2020FEB Summer Training 2020 #4 BronderslevGrathien Niyonsuti24
16.08.2020FEB Summer Training 2020 #3 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen22
08.08.2020FEB Summer Training 2020 #2 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen23
01.08.2020FEB Summer Training 2020 #1 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen24
21.03.2017Round Table Mesterskabet 2017 Hirtshals HirtshalsCarsten Jacobsen11
29.02.2016Welcome to Denmark #4 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen47
09.09.2015Welcome to Denmark #3 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen41
23.08.2015Welcome to Denmark #2 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen43
10.08.2015Welcome to Denmark #1 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen38
31.12.2013Champagne Cup 2013 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen10
30.10.2012MJ Challenge 2012 #4 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen6
16.05.2012MJ Challenge 2012 #3 BronderslevMathias Jacobsen6
09.05.2012MJ Challenge 2012 #2 BronderslevMathias Jacobsen5
02.05.2012MJ Challenge 2012 #1 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen6
25.04.2012ADO Challenge 2012 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen7
24.04.2012Skolegade Skole Cup 2012 #1 BronderslevDaniel Kringelbach9
30.06.2010Sommerskole Cup 2010 #2 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen15
30.06.2010Sommerskole Cup 2010 #3 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen9
29.06.2010Sommerskole Cup 2010 #1 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen17
10.06.2010Euro 2010 Training #2 GoteborgBjarne Axelsen5
09.06.2010Euro 2010 Training #1 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen6
04.11.2007Nordjysk Minister Cup 2007 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen17
11.04.2007Eagles Development #7 VraMads Jorgensen18
03.04.2007Eagles Development #6 SindalMike Dahl18
26.03.2007Eagles Development #5 VraMike Dahl19
20.03.2007Eagles Development #4 BronderslevMads Hansen18
13.03.2007Eagles Development #3 VraMads Hansen18
06.03.2007Eagles Development #2 BronderslevMike Dahl14
27.02.2007Eagles Development #1 BronderslevMads Jorgensen16

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