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Danish Championships Teams DEN

1.821Fremad Eagles
2.600Team Axelsen Bordhockey Koncept
3.200BHK Saksen
4.200Pink Elephants
6.100Torpedo Ducks Nordjylland
7.070Team Shell
8.023Fremad Eagles II
9.020Frederikshavn BK
10.012Evolution BHK
13.010TABK U25
14.010Team Axelsen Bordhockey Koncept 2018
15.010Team Axelsen Bordhockey Koncept II
16.010Team Inter
17.002Braendende Ild
18.002Team Barchen Aarhus
19.001Black Ravens
20.001Bordhockey Babies
21.001De 5 Musketerer
22.001Mostly Girls
23.001Oh My God
24.001Scissor Steelers
25.001Team Axelsen Bordhockey Koncept 2019
26.001Team Axelsen Bordhockey Koncept III
27.001Team Axelsen Bordhockey Koncept U25
28.001Team Far og Son

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (20 tournaments)
21.01.2023Danish Championships 2023 Teams AalborgTeam Axelsen Bordhockey Koncept7
08.01.2022Danish Championships 2022 Teams BronderslevTeam Axelsen Bordhockey Koncept7
26.06.2021Danish Championships 2021 Teams BronderslevTeam Axelsen Bordhockey Koncept7
24.01.2020Danish Championships 2020 Teams BronderslevTeam Axelsen Bordhockey Koncept8
26.01.2019Danish Championships 2019 Teams BronderslevTeam Axelsen Bordhockey Koncept8
26.01.2018Danish Championships 2018 Teams BronderslevTeam Axelsen Bordhockey Koncept6
31.01.2017Danish Championships 2017 Teams BronderslevBHK Saksen5
22.11.2016Danish Championships 2016 Teams BronderslevBHK Saksen4
20.06.2015Danish Championships 2015 Teams BronderslevFremad Eagles4
26.04.2014Danish Championships 2014 Teams BronderslevFremad Eagles4
22.06.2013Danish Championships 2013 Teams BronderslevFremad Eagles4
23.06.2012Danish Championships 2012 Teams BronderslevPink Elephants5
14.12.2011Danish Championships 2011 Teams BronderslevPink Elephants4
29.05.2010Danish Championships 2010 Teams BronderslevDenmark4
02.05.2009Danish Championships 2009 Teams BronderslevTorpedo Ducks Nordjylland5
29.11.2008Danish Championships 2008 Teams HadstenFremad Eagles7
16.12.2007Danish Championships 2007 Teams HadstenFremad Eagles3
04.11.2006Danish Championships 2006 Teams BronderslevFremad Eagles5
05.11.2005Danish Championships 2005 Teams BronderslevFremad Eagles3
13.11.2004Danish Championships 2004 Teams FrederikshavnFremad Eagles3

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