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Evolution Foreign Championships DEN

1.722Thomas Jespersen
2.531Miheena Gujarati
3.465Michael Toft Nielsen
4.231Virginia Larsen
5.200Allan Jespersen
6.120Peter Schroder
7.113Walid Hassan
8.101Peter Orum
9.100Jacob Jensen
10.012Hindi Gujarati
11.012Christian Eschildsen
12.011Allan Poulsen
13.010Bo Jensen
14.010Jess Bisgaard
15.010Snizane Larsen
16.010Vibeke Vang Nielsen
17.001Ahmed Nazmul
18.001Jacob Munch Orum
19.001Laurs Pedersen
20.001Mads Jorgensen
21.001Troels Dam
22.001Victor Sorensen

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (24 tournaments)
18.01.2008Aalborg January Friday 2008 FrejlevJacob Jensen13
28.10.2007Bangladesh Evening 2007 HjorringThomas Jespersen12
16.07.2007Farup 2007 FarupMichael Toft Nielsen15
15.07.2007Lokken 2007 LokkenThomas Jespersen15
14.07.2007Rodhus 2007 RodhusThomas Jespersen8
13.07.2007Aalborg Town Friday #2 FrejlevMichael Toft Nielsen15
02.07.2007American Evening 2007 AalborgPeter Schroder12
30.06.2007Evolution Summer Friendly Cup 2007 LindholmMiheena Gujarati21
12.05.2007Farewell Evolution Cup 2007 AalborgMichael Toft Nielsen15
28.04.2007Before Biriyani Cup 2007 HjorringMiheena Gujarati8
24.03.2007Independence Day Cup 2007 VraAllan Jespersen17
20.11.2006Evolution Anniversary Cup AalborgMichael Toft Nielsen15
13.11.2006Bangladesh Open 2006 EllidshojAllan Jespersen20
05.11.2006Evolution Tryout VraVirginia Larsen5
18.09.2006Shamrock Travel Cup SulstedVirginia Larsen10
15.07.2006Evolution Club Championships 2006 #4 VraThomas Jespersen14
14.07.2006Evolution Club Championships 2006 #3 VraWalid Hassan14
12.07.2006Evolution Club Championships 2006 #2 VraThomas Jespersen10
11.07.2006Evolution Club Championships 2006 #1 VraThomas Jespersen10
17.03.2006Evolution Foreign Championships Race #5 AalborgThomas Jespersen16
03.03.2006Evolution Foreign Championships Race #4 AalborgPeter Orum14
19.02.2006Evolution Foreign Championships Race #3 HjorringMiheena Gujarati6
05.02.2006Evolution Foreign Championships Race #2 AalborgMiheena Gujarati11
07.01.2006Evolution Foreign Championships Race #1 VraMiheena Gujarati7

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