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Danish Championship Series DEN

1.3975Bjarne Axelsen
2.724Peter Orum
3.634Lasse Penning
4.152Kenneth Nielsen
5.134Mathias Langbak
6.100John Wreland
7.01511Anette Engel
8.046Anders Dodensig
9.033Carsten Nielsen
10.031Nico Lyksholm
11.026Nicolai Dahl Jeppesen
12.022Jan Berggren Jensen
13.020Thomas Kjeldsen
14.012Michael Toft Nielsen
15.011Vagn Kristoffersen
16.010Berthram Jellesen
17.010David Andersson
18.002Peter Madsen
19.001Alexander Dunnigan
20.001Mathias Jacobsen

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (55 tournaments)
30.03.2013Danish Championships 2013 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen24
25.11.2012Danish Championships 2012 Round Robin BronderslevBjarne Axelsen20
31.03.2012Danish Championships 2012 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen26
25.06.2011Danish Championships 2011 Playoff BronderslevBjarne Axelsen12
24.04.2011Danish Championships 2011 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen32
19.02.2011Danish Championships 2011 Round Robin BronderslevBjarne Axelsen20
03.04.2010Danish Championships 2010 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen28
12.01.2010Danish Championships 2010 Playoff BronderslevBjarne Axelsen12
08.11.2009Danish Championships 2009 Round Robin BronderslevBjarne Axelsen17
19.09.2009Danish Challenge 2009 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen13
02.05.2009Sommer Cup 2009 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen16
08.02.2009Vendsyssel Masters 2009 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen21
07.02.2009Danish Championships 2009 Playoff BronderslevBjarne Axelsen15
28.12.2008Nytars Cup 2008/09 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen13
27.12.2008Danish Masters 2008 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen17
29.11.2008Hadsten Open 2008 HadstenBjarne Axelsen21
01.11.2008Rebild Grand Prix 2008 SkorpingBjarne Axelsen18
23.08.2008Aarhus Open 2008 AarhusBjarne Axelsen25
07.06.2008Randers Open 2008 RandersBjarne Axelsen18
19.04.2008Copenhagen 2008 CopenhagenBjarne Axelsen8
16.02.2008Middelfart 2008 MiddelfartBjarne Axelsen8
29.12.2007Danish Masters 2007 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen25
16.12.2007Hadsten Open 2007 HadstenBjarne Axelsen15
15.12.2007Vejle Open 2007 VejleBjarne Axelsen15
29.09.2007Danish Championships 2007 Final BronderslevBjarne Axelsen22
08.09.2007Aarhus Open 2007 AarhusBjarne Axelsen21
16.06.2007Sommer Cup 2007 AalborgBjarne Axelsen16
02.06.2007Bronderslev Open 2007 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen16
26.05.2007Kolding Open 2007 KoldingBjarne Axelsen15
26.08.2006Danish Championships 2006 #6 AalborgMathias Langbak12
19.08.2006Danish Championships 2006 #5 HelsingorBjarne Axelsen10
05.08.2006Danish Championships 2006 #4 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen11
10.06.2006Danish Championships 2006 #3 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen12
27.05.2006Danish Championships 2006 #2 AalborgBjarne Axelsen13
06.05.2006Danish Championships 2006 #1 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen13
27.08.2005Danish Championships 2005 #6 FrederikshavnPeter Orum11
20.08.2005Danish Championships 2005 #5 BronderslevLasse Penning11
06.08.2005Danish Championships 2005 #4 AalborgPeter Orum12
11.06.2005Danish Championships 2005 #3 FrederikshavnBjarne Axelsen12
28.05.2005Danish Championships 2005 #2 BronderslevPeter Orum12
21.05.2005Danish Championships 2005 #1 AalborgBjarne Axelsen10
03.09.2004Danish Championships 2004 #12 BronderslevPeter Orum11
01.09.2004Danish Championships 2004 #13 BronderslevPeter Orum16
01.09.2004Danish Championships 2004 #14 BronderslevPeter Orum11
27.08.2004Danish Championships 2004 #11 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen10
20.08.2004Danish Championships 2004 #10 BronderslevLasse Penning12
13.08.2004Danish Championships 2004 #9 BronderslevPeter Orum10
07.08.2004Danish Championships 2004 #8 BronderslevLasse Penning10
31.07.2004Danish Championships 2004 #7 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen10
13.06.2004Danish Championships 2004 #6 BronderslevLasse Penning11
01.05.2004Danish Championships 2004 #4 BronderslevLasse Penning12
01.05.2004Danish Championships 2004 #5 BronderslevLasse Penning12
25.04.2004Danish Championships 2004 #3 BronderslevKenneth Nielsen11
18.04.2004Danish Championships 2004 #2 BronderslevBjarne Axelsen10
03.04.2004Danish Championships 2004 #1 BronderslevJohn Wreland15

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