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Czech Championships Teams CZE

1.1020THC Stiga Elites
2.942THC Stiga Plzen
3.441THC Stiga-Game Pribram
4.432HCS Zabka Praha
5.421BHC Brno Crocodiles
6.153CIBET Praha
7.100CIBET Praha II
8.047Stiga Big Band Praha
9.033THC Trinec
10.026Absolut Spiders
12.011Absolut Desperation
13.011Gladiators Plzen
14.010THL Praha
15.003THC Stiga Svitavy 93
16.001Expand Plzen

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (33 tournaments)
18.05.2024Czech Championships 2024 Teams PlzenTHC Stiga Elites14
20.05.2023Czech Championships 2023 Teams LitomyslHCS Zabka Praha12
28.05.2022Czech Championships 2022 Teams TurnovTHC Stiga Elites12
04.09.2021Czech Championships 2021 Teams PelhrimovTHC Stiga-Game Pribram14
01.06.2019Czech Championships 2019 Teams PlzenHCS Zabka Praha17
02.06.2018Czech Championships 2018 Teams ChebHCS Zabka Praha17
02.06.2017Czech Championships 2017 Teams PribramTHC Stiga Elites19
04.06.2016Czech Championships 2016 Teams TrinecHCS Zabka Praha13
30.05.2015Czech Championships 2015 Teams PragueTHC Stiga Elites18
31.05.2014Czech Championships 2014 Teams JihlavaTHC Stiga Elites12
01.06.2013Czech Championships 2013 TeamswebLetoviceTHC Stiga Elites19
26.05.2012Czech Championships 2012 Teams Ceske BudejoviceTHC Stiga Elites15
29.05.2011Czech Championships 2011 Teams LitomyslTHC Stiga Elites17
22.05.2010Czech Championships 2010 Teams PlzenTHC Stiga Elites14
06.06.2009Czech Championships 2009 Teams PragueTHC Stiga Elites16
31.05.2008Czech Championships 2008 Teams PribramTHC Stiga-Game Pribram17
26.05.2007Czech Championships 2007 Teams TrinecTHC Stiga-Game Pribram16
10.06.2006Czech Championships 2006 Teams PlzenTHC Stiga-Game Pribram18
07.05.2005Czech Championships 2005 Teams PragueCIBET Praha19
13.06.2004Czech Championships 2004 Teams LitomyslTHC Stiga Plzen16
10.05.2003Czech Championships 2003 Teams PlzenTHC Stiga Plzen18
08.06.2002Czech Championships 2002 Teams PribramTHC Stiga Plzen16
05.05.2001Czech Championships 2001 Teams TurnovTHC Stiga Plzen16
17.06.2000Czech Championships 2000 Teams ChebTHC Stiga Plzen15
27.11.1999Czech Championships 1999 Teams HoliceCIBET Praha II17
29.11.1998Czech Championships 1998 Teams PribramTHC Stiga Plzen15
06.12.1997Czech Championships 1997 Teams TurnovBHC Brno Crocodiles16
30.11.1996Czech Championships 1996 Teams PragueBHC Brno Crocodiles16
03.12.1995Czech Championships 1995 Teams HoliceTHC Stiga Plzen16
04.12.1994Czech Championships 1994 Teams MiloviceBHC Brno Crocodiles12
16.01.1994Czech Championships 1993 Teams MostTHC Stiga Plzen3
06.12.1992Czech Championships 1992 Teams PlzenBHC Brno Crocodiles9
30.12.1991Czech Championships 1991 Teams BrnoTHC Stiga Plzen3

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