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1.920Jean Gelinas Jr.
2.281Hugues Dery
3.011Bernie Kunzler
4.002Mike Di Marco
5.001Carlo Bossio
6.001Claude Dube
7.001Eric Desjardins
8.001Eric Chesick
9.001Junior Tetreault
10.001Paolo Ouellet
11.001Steve Gauvin

Scheduled tournaments belonging to the selected series
no tournaments were found

Past tournaments belonging to the selected series (11 tournaments)
18.02.2006Quebec LHTSQ 2005/06 #4 Montreal, QCJean Gelinas Jr.16
21.01.2006Quebec LHTSQ 2005/06 #3 Quebec City, QCJean Gelinas Jr.11
19.11.2005Quebec LHTSQ 2005/06 #2 Trois-Rivieres, QCHugues Dery9
17.09.2005Quebec LHTSQ 2005/06 #1 Trois-Rivieres, QCJean Gelinas Jr.12
01.04.2005Quebec LHTSQ 2004/05 #7 Riviere-du-Loup, QCJean Gelinas Jr.10
01.03.2005Quebec LHTSQ 2004/05 #6 Gatineau, QCJean Gelinas Jr.16
01.02.2005Quebec LHTSQ 2004/05 #5 Trois-Rivieres, QCJean Gelinas Jr.13
01.01.2005Quebec LHTSQ 2004/05 #4 Quebec City, QCJean Gelinas Jr.10
01.12.2004Quebec LHTSQ 2004/05 #3 Sherbrooke, QCHugues Dery9
01.11.2004Quebec LHTSQ 2004/05 #2 Trois-Rivieres, QCJean Gelinas Jr.12
01.10.2004Quebec LHTSQ 2004/05 #1 Trois-Rivieres, QCJean Gelinas Jr.9

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